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uhhh's another one!

Hey ladies and possibly gents?....I just wanted to drop in an say sorry for the lateness (internet can be such a bitch!), but much respect to miss Sharma for inviting me to the main blogspot to be @! You're onto great things badgyal, big ups on your 1st...I hope you're getting some playtime now to.x

Intros- I'm Niranjela (think Anjela with a NIR before), I reside in rainy ol' LONDON, and I'm into all things creative, positive and beautiful....and I usually have something to say on things that are not.
I'm studying Fashion part time at the London College of Fashion, but i've just handed in my work and summer is ON for the next 3 months! woo hoo!
However, you can't play without working :( I'm part-time at a small trainer boutique-
Foot Patrol LDN, so you know ima be blogging bout sneaks or LACK OF IN SMALL SIZES!!! (among other things)

I hope you girls enjoy reading or at least find it slightly interesting and it would be great to hear what y'all think.

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much love

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Y-3: Not just for G's

A UK G's number one favourite brand is almost undoubtedly Prada Sport but following close, CLOSE behind in second place is no doubt Adidas Y-3. Logo-heavy designs mean all out on road are made aware that the wearer has P's on P's and is 'on next level' when it comes to his clothing. A G takes his garms seriously. I'm doubtful of whether the majority of G Y-3 wearers know who Yohji Yamamoto is and I'm less than inclined to believe they'd be interested or might recognise a piece from Yamamoto's in own Adidas free, leaning towards avant-garde main line, you never know. But I love how these things trickle down and I love G's because they usually have great arms, muscular backs, sharp and crispy hair-cuts (have you seen that Poni vid on XXXu??), a way with the chat-up lines and learn how to smile from watching Omarion and Ne-yo videos and you can say what you like about those two, but they really do know how to smile. This season I LOVE Y-3. The website isn't repping too hard and my scanners broken so I couldn't scan in any pics other than this one of my favourite piece: this hot and delicious necklace shown here in some editorial I found in one of my favourite Italian magazines: Pig. This piece is the one for me.

IHMDJ! Niceness

Something for the summer...or lack of in the UK at the mo! A nice lil' label with some nice sexy-statement tees for the ladies. I'm really lovin' this label's mens tees too - sometimes I think I love mens clothes a bit TOO much. Anyways check out the lastest on my wish list:


When I was like 9 or 10 years old, I actually wanted to be Janet Jackson.

I had different love for her music - I would try and learn all the dance routines from her videos, sing in front of the mirror styled as The Janet, and my family would further indulge me by buying me all her lastest music.

'Design Of The Decade' was one of the first CDs I ever got.

It would be the understatement of the year to say that I am no longer feeling The Janet's music these days, which is a big shame. In my humble opinion, everything post 'The Velvet Rope' has been she was behaving kinda suspect for a bit I think.
Anyways, I felt it nesscessary to give props to one of her earlier vids for the single 'Pleasure Principle'. This is one of my favourite tunes which I regularly put on full blast. Just check out the video and you'll see where many of todays R'n'B wastechick-wannabees hijacked the formula.

I still have mad love for The Janet - no doubt will she always be the icon!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

L-Boogie in the House.

Probably the best Lauryn Hill verse ever.

Touches me and it buuuuuuurns.

Originally from the song "Manifest" with the Fugees but this version is a remix with "Ex-Factor" and was recorded live in the UK unreleased. It cuts off real blunt because its actually cut from her mixtape: The Best of Lauryn Hill Vol. 1&2 by J. Period. GET THAT SHIT! Best mixtape EVER and you think I'm being bias because I'm such a Lauryn Hill freak but I'm so serious. It comes with two cd's: vol.1 (FIRE) which is all her rap and rhymes and then vol. 2 (WATER) that contains all of the acapellas. A lot of live performances recorded on the cd's and a lot of special guests like Rohan Marley, Nas, The Fugees, Common, Bob Marley and the list goes on. You can purchase it on J. Period's website and that's about it. It's actually really exclusive and I think every woman should have these two cd's on her shelf because it's truly inspirational and includes a lot of Lauryn's outlook on life and love in general. She's extremely intelligent. Although a little crazy but I still love her.

I'm watching her perform at the Pala Casino so you know I'm already losing sleep over it.
Soon to be reported so stay posted.




I'm Lola. Apologies for being disgustingly slow off the mark on this intro thing. Hi-5s a-plenty to Sharma for her 1st Class degree.

I'm 20. I'm from Birmingham, England. I'm on my gap year off from my Fashion Management degree at the London College of Fashion and work part-time as assistant in all things PR and Marketing at everyones favourite polo-maker Fred Perry AND work part-time at a sneaker boutique in Birmingham called Size? with 9 boys which is nothing but good-times.

I've been into WAH since the very first issue. Known of Sharma since i was 15 and we bost posted on the same fashion board even though I don't think she even knew i was alive and breathing the same air as her.Now I occasionally bump into her at uni and share a mutual friend in the shape of Checkin' It topgyal Elle. I love what WAH's about because I'm crazy about girls who do things: Anyone who does their ish well is always good for me but Girls doing stuff well is ALOT.

Things I enjoy include trainers, Aaliyah, hefty, cumbersome wedges, Lanvin, CDG, Burberry, Undercover, Loubutin shoes, chrome nail polish, mobile phone jewellery, fila jumpers, jordan brand and my diamante swoosh earrings not to mention rings from the 98p shop (not one pound, not 99p -don't get it twisted), reading, jokes for days, glossy magazines, good editorial and premium streetwear: it's so good it's almost an oxymoron.

hope you enjoy my posts and want me to write blogs for days.


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Yes yes y'all, you don't stop...


I’m Josephine and I’m gonna take you on a magical journey of random shit-chatting. And you WILL love it dammit.

I feel like I’m in a relationship with KRS-One. In the last week I have seen him no less than FOUR times in London. First was at the Forum where he performed with the one like Marley Marl on the wheels of steel. That’s pretty deep cos they had a crazy beef back in the day. Check out ‘The Bridge is Over’ where KRS implies that Marley Marl drops his soap in the shower and is in no rush to pick it up. Someone told me Marley Marl had a heart attack a week before the gig. He looked pretty healthy to me though. Maybe it was just indigestion.

Then KRS turns up at the Jazzmatazz gig at Jazz Café. I love Guru big time but I was bored out of my bollocks. Some of the stuff that was going through my mind was:

· Will man ever live on Mars?

· Is it so wrong to fancy a picture of your grandfather when he was 17?

· Will there ever be a day when a human can run faster than an ostrich?

· Why wasn’t The Three Amigos a box office smash?

Plus this girl behind me was sexually assaulting me by rubbing her 34 FFF knockers up against my back. I had to tell her about herself. Baby I don’t swing that way. But I do swing this way: POW!

KRS also did a set at Fidgit in Plan B in Brixton on Friday night which was pretty live. He came into the crowd and started off a cipher and all the b-boys and girls got down. Well as much as you can get down in a 30cm radius circle.

Finally, Sunday afternoon we headed down to Plan B again to hear the teacher give a lecture on hip-hop. He’s pretty deep, a really charismatic and inspirational speaker. I’ve heard him speak out quite a lot against calling women bitches and hos etc which is pretty rare in hip-hop these days I think you’ll agree. But he added another dimension to the argument on Sunday. He said that a lot of it comes down to language, pointing out that most rappers who speak about women in a misogynistic fashion have women managers and other strong female characters around them who would give them a good clip round the ear ‘ole if they ever called them a bitch or a ho. The point he was making was that they sometimes use derogatory language in a theatrical sense, but they don’t really mean it in a lot of cases.

Needless to say, this explanation has left me somewhat dissatisfied. All I know is that, as a result of this theatrical language, there are a hell of a lot of people out there who think that, to paraphrase the aforementioned KRS-One track, women in hip-hop are 'only good for steady fucking'.

What do you think?

Anyways big-ups to KRS-One – he’s gonna be back in London on 13 July @ Jazz Café.

And an even bigger big-ups to Sharmadean for getting a 1st – massive respect.

Laterzzzzzzzzzz x

Sunday, June 24, 2007

yet ANOTHER introduction....

Before i start to rant congratulations and salutations to Miss Sharmadean on getting a 1st!

what it do ladies! My name is Asantewa (pronounced aah-san-tee-wah) and I am also please to let you girls know that I will be contributing to the WAH blog..

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I'm an 18 years old(im a youngin) semi-professional dancer and I am from greater West London basically known as the countryside to all those city folk! The fact that I am a dancer means that I LOVE to dance, create and innovate and I am definately looking forward to making it my full-time career! At the mo i'm just finishing of my A-levels (*snore) and then i'm off into the big bad world in my gap year : S THEN im HOPEFULLY going to be studying at a performing arts college studying Musical Theatre!

I work as a tele-reasearcher part-time..dont laugh it PAYS! I need the money to pay for all the many things that i want which basically means clothes, shoes,trainers,dvds,cds,books,jewellery, getting my nails and hair did..ahh the list goes on and i can't and won't stop!
I discovered WAH a while ago and was immediately impressed by it and the message Sharmadean portrays about being an independent woman and in contributing to the WAH blog i have TREMENDOUS respect for all the ladies out there on their hustle and grind smashing down the glass ceiling in their chosen profession..get em girls!

Like the other girls said before..comment comment comment! Let us know what you think on our blogs..have an opinion..don't just accept what we write,if you disagree say so! Let's make WAH bigger than it already is!


Pussy Power: CLAW MONEY

First post! This one had actually been published in my personal blog but I feel the need to share this book with the rest of you ladies.

Recently Turntable Lab LA held a book signing for CLAW's new book, BOMBSHELL The Life and Crimes of Claw Money. Thanks to Lax for the invite and James for the book I finally got my hands on a copy signed specifically to me. HOLLA.

The book consists of collages upon collages of Claw's (Claudia) life. Contributing authors includes her close friends Miss 17, Minya Quirk, DAZE, Sacha Jenkins, etc etc.

I fuckin' love this book because everything is raw. Collages of jewelry and pictures thrown together with spraycans, caps, and markers. It gives you a pretty good idea of who she is. Pretty photoshopped shit aren't necessary. It's left as real as it is.

Matches for your swishers. Looks better in your purse than the ugly lighters from Mobile.

In my personal opionion, art-wise I don't think Claw puts up the most artistic pieces on the map but the woman gets up and she demands the respect that she deserves. Girls in the graffiti scene are always viewed as weak little bitches that shouldn't be walking up in the alleys and freeways at night, but Claw works the opposite way. She puts her shit up in riskier places along with her partner Miss 17. You better recognize her presence!

Besides bombing the city, She's got her own clothing line going on called CLAW MONEY if you didn't already know. The line carries tank tops, tees, hoodies, jackets, jumpsuits, purses, pillows, accessories, sunglasses, and now it's moving on to cut and sew where she's using vintage designer scarves and transforming it into the infamous bomber jacket. These jackets are under the CLAW MONEY COLLECTION. I heard prices running at about $1,500 but no confirmation on that info yet.

Jackets only available at Colette (Paris), aNYthing Boutique (NY), Bodega (Boston), and Arrive (Miami).

Check her out at

Do your research and get your copy. Ladies, support our Ladies!

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Yep, it's another intro for your viewing pleasure...

What's gaaaan on girlies!! My name is Karis, and I'm very pleased to announce that I'll now be contributing towards WAH's blog.
Hopefully you'll recognise my artist alter-ego 'Mz.Matic', but I also go by the names 'Kaz'/'K'/'Carebear'/'Bazmatic' etc. to my dear bredrins and homies.

I'm an illustrator/artist/graf writer with a background in fashion design, and I'm about to go into the third year of a degree in Illustration. I'm 21, and from North London (born + bred).
I absolutely love to draw, and look foward to hustlin' my way into working within the VCD field (album artworks/advertising/mag editorials/vinyl toys etc.), fashion print and illustration, writing, photography, styling, and God knows what else!!
I work as a Sales Associate on weekends to fund my many addictions to anything fashion, art, literature, music, gadget, sneaker or gold jewellery related. I'm a creative girl with a tremendous love for Hip Hop (ohhh yess!!).
I have much respect and admiration for all the females out in the creative business fields that are reppin' with independance and general flossy-ness - particularly within the male dominated scenes. I feel WAH as a fanzine, reps this type of lady alllll day - the type of lady that will usually get slept on or overlooked.
I look foward to spreading my crazy message to the world, and I'd love to use this opportunity to converse with other inspiring females around the globe...SO MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN BABY!
Here's to many more blogs,

Karis AKA Mz.Matic xoxo

P.S: Big up to Sharma on getting a 1ST CLASS DEGREE!! Congrats girl!!!

Let me introduce myself...

Helloooo Ladies,

First let me introduce myself. I'm Dianne, Sharma's homegirl from Southern California, city of palm trees and bomb ass beaches. Sharma's been extremely busy working on getting WAH out to all the ladies around the globe and as you can see, she just finished her degree. (CONGRATS MAMA!)

Me and a couple of other ladies (soon to be introduced) will be contributing to the blog worldwide. I, myself will try to keep the updates as often as I can straight out of Los Angeles and all over SoCal.

Just a little info about myself... I'm a college girl majoring in Retail Management and working at a sneaker shop/boutique in Orange County. I see a lot of different people from the front and behind the scenes on the daily which turned me into quite an opinionated person. But not in a bad way! In this culture where the media is feeding you all kinds of information daily, the only thing that's going to keep you from being consumed into mediocracy is your opinion. Have an opinion ladies. Don't let others tell you what's cool and what's not. Not even us! Read and take what you see and apply it to your own thoughts. WAH isn't just another blog or forum that's just here to tell you the release date of the next hot shit! We've got our own thing going on.

Well, I can talk for days as you can see so that's it for now. Stay tuned!

P.S. Comments comments comments ladies. Let us know what you think about the posts.


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aNYthing I want...

Needs no words - fucking beautiful. Just what I make WAH for...

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WAH in i-D

Sheeesh!!! Thanks for all the embarrassing photos Amazing Grace!! Love ya too!!!

Wah is in i-D this month. My first entry of which I am very proud as i-D is absolutely smashing it at the moment, it's superb...

I'm mega busy at the moment now that i've finished school so I'm looking for girls who want to contribute to the blog and also finish off Issue 3, which is only partway done!! Email me!

At the moment I am:

looking "fucked off" (as I've been told)
reading Michel Houellebecq's "Whatever"
living on sofa's (until Thursday!!!)
listening to Madonna's "Bedtime Stories"
drinking Monmouth House coffee/Pepsi/Water
watching Todd Solonz's "Welcome to the Dollhouse"
smelling of Marc Jacob's mens fragrance
eating spinach soup
dreaming of lie-ins
wearing only black, cream and gold
walking in Miu Miu shoes and Doc Martens
singing the whole Supreme's back catalogue in a very high pitched voice
losing everything under all my mess
wanting to have long snogs