Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let me introduce myself...

Helloooo Ladies,

First let me introduce myself. I'm Dianne, Sharma's homegirl from Southern California, city of palm trees and bomb ass beaches. Sharma's been extremely busy working on getting WAH out to all the ladies around the globe and as you can see, she just finished her degree. (CONGRATS MAMA!)

Me and a couple of other ladies (soon to be introduced) will be contributing to the blog worldwide. I, myself will try to keep the updates as often as I can straight out of Los Angeles and all over SoCal.

Just a little info about myself... I'm a college girl majoring in Retail Management and working at a sneaker shop/boutique in Orange County. I see a lot of different people from the front and behind the scenes on the daily which turned me into quite an opinionated person. But not in a bad way! In this culture where the media is feeding you all kinds of information daily, the only thing that's going to keep you from being consumed into mediocracy is your opinion. Have an opinion ladies. Don't let others tell you what's cool and what's not. Not even us! Read and take what you see and apply it to your own thoughts. WAH isn't just another blog or forum that's just here to tell you the release date of the next hot shit! We've got our own thing going on.

Well, I can talk for days as you can see so that's it for now. Stay tuned!

P.S. Comments comments comments ladies. Let us know what you think about the posts.


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Anonymous said...

you're at venice beach!