Monday, June 04, 2007

WAH in i-D

Sheeesh!!! Thanks for all the embarrassing photos Amazing Grace!! Love ya too!!!

Wah is in i-D this month. My first entry of which I am very proud as i-D is absolutely smashing it at the moment, it's superb...

I'm mega busy at the moment now that i've finished school so I'm looking for girls who want to contribute to the blog and also finish off Issue 3, which is only partway done!! Email me!

At the moment I am:

looking "fucked off" (as I've been told)
reading Michel Houellebecq's "Whatever"
living on sofa's (until Thursday!!!)
listening to Madonna's "Bedtime Stories"
drinking Monmouth House coffee/Pepsi/Water
watching Todd Solonz's "Welcome to the Dollhouse"
smelling of Marc Jacob's mens fragrance
eating spinach soup
dreaming of lie-ins
wearing only black, cream and gold
walking in Miu Miu shoes and Doc Martens
singing the whole Supreme's back catalogue in a very high pitched voice
losing everything under all my mess
wanting to have long snogs


1 comment:

Baddaman T said...

Well done.

Thats a good look.