Thursday, November 29, 2007



This event looks SICK! Check out BBE's video flyer for a night of musical legends (hip-hop, house, soul, disco) at Canvas, London this Saturday 1 December.

DECEMBER? Already??? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The lovely ladies at DimePiece have sent across their first ever mixtape - The Lipstick Diaries - an 'all ladies lineup' featuring Kid Sister, Dj Rashida, Yo' Majesty, DJ Elle and L.A.'s hottest female radio host Luscious Liz. Click the image above to download it for free!

WAH 3...

If you want a copy of the mag, please send across your full address (on seperate lines please) to We post worldwide for free remember!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Check out my man Chuck Berry, still rocking and rolling on his European tour at the majestic age of 81.

Seeing this picture reminds me of how 'Back To The Future' pissed me off when I watched it last, you know, that scene where Michael J. Fox is at the prom going nuts on his guitar solo and one of the band members goes backstage to make a call that goes something like this: "Hey, it's me, your cousin Marvin...Marvin know that new sound you've been looking for? Well check THIS out!"

Like that gimp-faced drip McFly could have invented rock'n'roll. MOOOOVE!!!
Props due to the real master.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


To all the ladies sitting patiently by the door waiting for Mr. Postman to drop that freeeessshhhhhh new edition of WAH! through the letterbox...your wait is almost over. We took these pictures yesterday as official evidence that the mag is being copied and compiled and envelopes are being written out by hand with love as we speak.

This is the first time I've seen it and it looks amazing. AND here's a surprise: it's gonna be A3! Double trouble!

Been though the mailing list and it's tremendous to see how many ladies from distant lands are represented...even more so than the UK. So if you're in the British Isles stop being stush and send your email address across to (if you haven't already) to get your manicured mitts on this mean little 'zine.

It'll be mailed out by the end of the week (will send an update when it's gone)...and there are still some places available on the list whatever country you're in so get in touch pronto!

Adios amigas x


Sorry sorry shameless pun! The Ball Out series from ALIFE has been updated with two new colourways of Victory Black and Hot Pink and they have just recently been added to the online store. "The Ball Out" is an ALIFE/Reebok Court Victory Pump, fabricated by hand entirely out of tennis ball felt. The series has had quite a following from It's first release with the neon tennis ball green to the later colourways of orange and white. Now, I'm not a fan of pink -I only like the colour in small doses and I feel that the hot pink ones are a bit of an overload- but I adore the victory black. I'm into chunky sneakers at the moment such as Nike Air flight 89s, Jordans (3,4,5 and Spiz'ike), Air Force Max B, Air Force 180 premiums..the list can go on but I think you can tell that the majority of my trainers are from Nike and I tend not to buy from other brands nowadays. So I'm very impressed by the ALIFE/Reebok court victory pump, so much so that I'm considering buying a pair...they may be 200 US dollars but that's only 100 pounds!

Until next time,

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Okay, so Sharmadean may have won on that whole 'you can be sexy while up the duff' issue, but will she win on the 'where I'm going for Christmas' issue?

Reason I'm asking is that I'M gonna be here:

Yep, St.Lucia, the most beautiful island on earth. All other Caribbean islands: FALL BACK!

By the way, there's gonna be someone at my flat at all times so don't be getting no ideas about trying to burgle me and shit. I know how you people think.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So once again, I'm going to LA!!!!!! yeah homies! I'm very excited about my Dec/Jan. Regular readers of the blog will remember how I was meant to spend Xmas alone etc, but it never happens! This year I have no idea WHERE I'm gonna be spending Xmas and NYE or where I'm staying or who I'm hanging with and for someone who has to co-ordinate diary and phone every 5 mins, that liberating!

So here's my itinerary:

Dec 14th - Land in LA

Jan 8th - Fly from NY home

and between: I have no idea!

I probably wanna get to NY for Xmas as it'd be more "magical" (AKA consumerism in full effect) and I also might visit San Francisco and Seattle in between.

If you're about - hit me up! Email me and I'll come visit!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Like real old school heads that use to rave at Wax Club and Roller Express and Laserdrome (bad memories) and Astoria (Kool FM 3rd birthday bash aka 'I Got Gassed But Never Got In'). That remember Sunday Roast and Telepathy and Jungle Fever and AWOL and Desert Storm and Desire? That fought off the rotweillers at Adrenaline Village. That know how to blow a foghorn in time to the beat. That raved with Stevie Hyper D one night only to wake up to the news the next morning that he was dead :(

Okay, I'll stop wanking over flyers now and get to the point which is that, if those days were the best of your life, then you might remember this documentary - 'A London Somet'ing Dis' - which aired on Channel 4 in that crazy golden era. And if you don't know, you better get to know!


Just getting in there before anyone else does.

By the way, this is my MySpace profile's the whole image which shows my sister posing in an equally boogie-down Bronx b-girl fashion. We're like the gangster version of Mel & Kim and we ain't never gonna be respectable, seen? Even in frilly dresses from Petticoat Lane Market.

The picture was taken on my first communion day in 1987 and I got a Five Star album and over £120 as presents. Now that's gangster.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm having what my mom refers to as palpitations.

I know i'm turning into product placement queen but these drop tomorrow on the supreme e-shop at 11am EST. I dunno what that is GMT but i'm gettiing my not-quite-but-almost-boyfriend to sort me out a purr. Not interested in missing out on gold frames AND gold effect iridium lenses.


They're what Midas himself would wear.


This might sound like an unnecessary speech but I'm that scarred it has to be documented. And I'm apologising in advance for all the American slang. I'm not begging it. I've just been spending alot of time with Yankees lately.

On Thursday, I went to Yoyos (London one not New York) for the FIRST TIME (shock horror to all you yoyo vetrans out there) and for me it was THE WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. NOW OF COURSE TO EACH THEIR OWN, if yoyos is your spot then good for you, "do the damn thang" but I myself found it incredibly TEDIOUS. To make matters worse I had a feeling it was going to be like that so actually going there just reaffirmed what I had once thought. But in the circumstances I was in (I was already near my friend's house and she was paying for me) I thought I might as well experience it. I rolled up in my lac i.e. The London Underground and got in at about 10:30 to find two dumb broads at the door doing lil synchronised dances wearing nothing but a Teacloth. I wanted to run there and then but I thought to give the place a chance. Oh how wrong I was. It was filled with an army of pretentious heads all wearing the same ol' rope chain/bathing ape wearing, "80s baby" but realistically was born in the 90s and has no recollection of the 80s, glasses with the lens popped out, bright coloured, doorknocker type shit that Im seeing all too frequently nowadays, what's ironic about it is that the majority of them like to claim they're "original".

The music was CRAZY BAD (sounded like Baile funk/polka mixed with someone dying) and was sang over by some guy wearing cheap hair extensions attached to his badly shaved head. Hardly noone was dancing except for the coked-up minor celebrities (nodding their heads aggresively and sweating by the buckets) and some fat girl wearing a flourescent tutu that was WAAYYY too small. The place was over-crowded, the majority were too busy focusing on what other people were doing then having a good time. I left after 45 minutes.

The last straw was when some boy started talking to me and in realising that I'm currently working in New Era, asked me what days I'm working there so he can come see me (sorry what?!), proceeded to ask me where I go out and where I buy my clothes and then told me he has to be "exclusive and buy all his shit from Japan". Get the fuck outta here.

P.S. apologies to all the people who were trying to cheer me up that night. It really wasn't going to happen but you still carried on like a soldier.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tomorrow is the opening night at Versus Gallery for the CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS art show by Mike Diamond and Nate Esteras (1st Amendment Tattoo). Both artists were featured in the previous Permanent 2 artshow last month if the names sounds familiar to you. Got a sneakpeak lastnight and every piece is looks fuckin' amazing. A lot of really creative mixed media going on and not just painted canvases (baby coffins, skate decks, etc.) I wont spoil it. Check it out tomorrow night!

Versus also recieved their Undefeated holiday shipment this week. Some nice colorway New Eras and really good simple cut n' sew pieces. Check out the site for more pictures and updates. Now taking phone orders. (951)296-3630.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Nah, I disagree - All you need is diamonds and hairgel....


...and you might find that you end up looking like a fucking moose, as demonstrated by Ms. Aguilera above.


It literally was a case of 'Not Tonight, Josephine' for me as the night was shut down by babylon (for the record, I'm the only blogger that can use that joke effectively). One minute we're all jamming in the spot drinking free beer, next thing we're standing outside in the freezing cold, dazed and confused. Apparently the venue didn't have its license or some shit...well that's what the feds said, some angry punters had other ideas...

Next stop:

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So Amy Winehouse is being slated in the press today for putting on a 'shambolic set' on the first night of her UK tour.

I think we've all been pretty tolerant of her crackhead-ism and all the running around the streets of Soho with blood dripping from between the toes that came with it. We've been happy to let her amazing music do the talking. So I think I would be screwing if I paid big bucks to go to a concert only to see her crying endlessly about her jailbird hubby and stropping off mid-song. I love her talent, but I think I might have even been the one to start off the booing.

That girl really needs to get her shit together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So the mags been going for 2 years now but the blog's birthday is today! spread some love and have a look through the archives.... xxx


I stole this video from my friend's bulletin because I thought it was fuckin' hilarious in a very offensive/awkward kind of way.

Does anyone find it weird seeing the little girls doing their ballerina-hop to "superman that ho!" and then all of a sudden the little boy with the dirty blonde hair just started shaking what his momma gave him so violently that it looks like he's gonna dislocate his shoulders?

At the dance studio that my bestfriend teaches at you can't even play songs with the word "shit" on it and these kids got to superman that HO! Okay... I'll get over this whole Soulja Boy thing now!

By the way... got an exciting email lastnight about Sharmadean coming to LA next month. I miss that little British voice of hers. Too bad we only have two days to hang out before I leave to Thailand for two weeks but we'll make it happen. WAH will be reporting from out here soon and then to NY etc etc. LOOKIN' FORWARD TO IT.... CHEERS!

I'm out, Ciao!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I like it when capitalism helps charity. It's the least it can do. So to feel a bit better and drop a score on some lipstick (£19, I know, I know) have a look at these new Viva Glam compacts. Dead pretty and every motherfunking penny goes to THE M.A.C. Aids Fund.

Also available in 3 cool lips.

Monday, November 12, 2007



Its RSVP only - We wanna keep out the riff raff innit - But we would LOVE to see some WAH readers come down so RSVP your name and all your friends names to : click on flyer to see the details!!

See you there!!! Get your dance on!!! xxx


If you watched the UK news at lunchtime today, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was September 11, 2001 all over again. The plasma screen in the reception area of my work showed plumes of black smoke dominating the bright London skyline, in a scene eerily reminiscent of the twin towers attack six years ago. Well, it was clearly orchestrated by the news crews to be eerily remiscent of that day anyway. You could almost sense their disappointment when they reported that it was just a regular fire in an old warehouse.

A few days ago, I was on my way to work and when I looked up, there was a plane just hovering in the air, really still. You don't see that too often in central London. I continued walking but then bumped into a woman who was also looking up at the plane. "Do they always fly that low?" she asked. She looked worried. I smiled and said I was sure it was nothing, but when I reached the office ten minutes later, I realised I was shaking.

Although Londoners have this collective sense of not wanting to be cowed by terrorists, you can often sense that deep down, we're all shitting ourselves. Sometimes you see it on the tube, when the lights go out for a couple of seconds. Or when the train stops in the tunnel but the driver doesn't tell us what's happening. We're always living on the edge. Even though we've been experiencing this for decades (anyone remember the IRA?), we're still living on the edge.

I'm sure that's nothing compared to how, six years on from September 11, the people of Afghanistan and Iraq must feel.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I love the last two especially...


Keep sending your postal addresses This issue is BUMPER FILLED!!!


I headed down for the launch of Livin' Proof and Phoebe's birthday celebrations..luckily by the time i got there, it was already starting to warm up..DJ Crossover started off setting the tone for what was yet to come...which was an extremely large mosh pit which i always seem to find myself in the middle of...DJ Snips/Mr thing played some bangers as per usual and its fair to say that the night was a SUCESS! The next Livin' Proof is a special one off on FRIDAY 23rd NOVEMBER ( after that it will be at market place on the 2nd sat of each month). Be there or be there. Congratulations to Livin Proof for their launch party, to Phoebe for making it to the big 2-0 and to me for getting a new job.

my face isn't on my chest Charlie.

The Birthday Girl.

A rare apperance from my girl Lotis.

The retard crew was in full effect.

Kash rules everything around me. (shameful pun!)

After that we headed to some private party in Hoxton. The bodyguard was a tosser, loadsa fucked up anorexic girls poking me with their spines, Miquita Oliver got booed off the DJ booth, minor celebrities snorting other words a big wank of an event.

Good nite.