Thursday, August 30, 2007


For the rest of us who didn't quite have the funds/inclination or time off to have good times at the CT BBQ this is just round the corner.

Heads for days.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Seeing men piss into every corner, bush and garden is one of the lowlights of carnival. Some of them don't even business where they go or who can see them. When you're taking granny out to jump up behind the Poison UK float, the last thing you want to be confronted with is some limp little ding-a-ling spraying out a pint of smelly piss all over the place. Granny doesn't need to be seeing that shit.
The thing is though, this seems to be a growing trend in London these days. It's like, every corner I turn, there's some dude spraying his White Lightning against a wall or tree like he's invisible or some shit.
And the other day, I was in the queue for the cashpoint behind this woman and her three year old daughter. The little girl decided she needed to go toilet and literally took down her knickers and pissed right in the midle of the busy pavement. And her mum didn't even batter an eyelid or make any attempt whatsoever to stop her. That shit is rank. I know that when a kid's got to go, they've got to go, but what kind of message are you sending out to your sprogs when you allow them to urinate right in the middle of the frigging pavement, huh? That's taking the piss, man.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ok ladies, here we have a WAH Girl Gone Wrong. I love how Lil Mama looks, she has that energy that Ciara started out with, but I fundamentally disagree with her song and video Lip Gloss. Firstly she is sitting in a car like she's gonna buy some crack and complaining about how "uncool" she is...then she gets handed over LIP GLOSS (yeah kids because it's easy to be cool, huh? Just buy a few more frickin products to add to your purse) which she promptly applies amdist some sparkle and shimmer and WAYHEY, she's a cooooool chick! Oh puleeeassse! Just because you get some brownskin and dash some gold cool and a fitted on her does NOT mean that she is anything to aspire too. If anything, the pointlessness of the song should make you feel the opposite. Th video continues in a second rate "Hit Me Baby One More Time" way before ending back in the car where she can't possibly comprehend the power of the gloss...Gimme Supa Dupa Fly anyday...

On top of this I have a ingrained hatred for any song that doesn't have a baseline....

Decide for yourself...

More Nails!

Seeing Shar's most beautifullest tropical nails reminded me that i forgot to post mine from two weeks ago. (Girl, i looove that orange. Heeeey!)

p.s. I live in NYC but am from the left coast. Will be there next month.... so all my WAH! L.A. girls, i'ma be checkin' for ya in the screets!



This morning Niranjela gunned me DOWN for taking a liking to these lil babies... But i'ma get em anyway. They're purple dammit! All shoes should be purple!


HYB has fans hahahhaaa!!


Ok, so my pics of Thailand were wack, so check Mubi's EPIC post on the CT Forum for a better reportage of the trip here

Also - check this video of the Thai girls at the BBQ...


Did I mention I went on Monday too??

My ghetto lil sister (who is taller than me!)

She took it upon herself to paint her nails to match her outfit! Dopeness...

Carnival Look 2

Crooked Tongues BBQ Nike IDs...Hotness...

Bumped into Zezi and Martelo

Alex puffing...


Carnival is my FAVOURITE thing ever!! Any time I even sniff a piece of jerk chicken it reminds me of carnival. So I got my nails done, my hair is fresh, and I'm ready!!! I wore some tight ass American Apparel dress but then put some jeans on when I realised I was asking for trouble. My friend Sean lives near carnival I went to his house first and then went with Sean and Ben (Chaingang) first to the Israeli spot for some breakfast and then down to Aba Shanti to snoke weed and shack out and get my degree at the University of Dub.

Keeping it Kosher!

This is the dude who is always preaching Jesus shit down at Oxford Circus

This is the only time I venture to West London

Nuff rubbish

Nuff Policeman

The car park was full of Porsches and Ferrari's. Look at this dickheads numberplate! We all had to pose by it, obviously


..i hate the colour pink. Always have and always will. But, in saying that i have been making some allowances such as the pink on my easter court forces & I'm ready to make another allowance on these Air Jordan Ice Blue/Hot Pink Womens Spiz' ike. These will definately quench the thirst of the many sneaker freak females out there.

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Asantewa x


I miss you too Dianne!!! Looksie who I found on the Hundreds blog...look familiar?! We watched Superbowl with this dude!! Hahahha!

Nah but seriously, I'm gonna come back to LA real soon, it's so much fun. I miss the laid back living...and i miss being driven around everywhere!


Sooooo, it's Tuesday, which may as well be a Monday, and I'm EXHAUSTED! I've had too much alcohol in my blood since the day we flew from Heathrow to Bangkok and now i'm knackered!

Friday night I went to Bristol for the 5050 skate store tenth anniversary party. Was doooope. Big up to Danny Wainwright for being such a great host! Them Bristol dudes know how to party. Saw Steve Williams and the whole DGK crew looking mean as, was verrrrrry hungover the next day...

So much greenery in Bristol!

Danny W

Brad New Era + Craig Leckkkkky

Saturday night I went to Acyde's pre-carnival bash in Brixton. I ain't been South in time, I get headaches when I cross that bridge into the dark side...Was rocking my fave shoes at the mo...

Also had my nails freshly done for carnival....

Monday, August 27, 2007


So, personally i thought the married to the mob summer line was kinda wack (but obviously if you feel different feel free to comment!) but in saying that, their fall line (i think) is their best yet. For this fall ( i hate saying fall, maybe coz' i'm british what's falling? it's AUTUMN lol) they've joint forces with French artist Fafi. check it out..

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Asantewa x


Bloody hell! I was checkin out the lastest on Format Mag and found this pic of what, for me, is the most eyecandy tee ever! If you didn't already know, I'm an ATCQ fanatic. I love that this tee design has high-jacked the iconic Wildstyle logo graf - making two tributes in one . Props to ^^this dude^^ that's rockin it, but what I really wanna know is where the fuck can I cop one of these??!!
Send all your answers to......the comment box ;-)

By the by...I'd recommend giving the Mike Mills interview on Format a look too - good shit!

To continue the theme of 'random', I'm feeling kinda loser-ish at the mo, as I won't be going on holiday to France with some of my bredrins this week (long story!).

...I know they're gonna have a great time chillin/cruisin/blazin/eatin French style, and I'll look forward to hearing all about it - enjoy yourself dudes, and bring me back a cool hamper or something!

SO! What am I gonna do with my week in the meantime???

  • Most likely, some more online shopping:
    Girls, have you seen the latest from MTTM? Modelled by genius Fafi - dopeness!

  • Brushing up on some cooking: No, not to be cliche and girly! I love cooking and I'm good at it, but it's been a while since I've done some serious cooking. I wanna try out some new recipes.

  • Illustratin'!: Recently I was convinced I was suffering from the artist's equivalent of writers I know it was just lazy-itis. I've been working on some Mz.Matic tee designs, amongst other things, so watch this space people!
  • Work for Uni deadlines: ARGGHHH!
  • Harassing Inland Revenue for the money they owe me: FUCK YOU PAY ME!!
  • Cruising the Net for even more random-ness: like this funny shit I found on weed recipes or news reports about psycho bitches that set their ex-husband's dick on fire - true stories.

In like a month or so I'm totally gonna be back at Uni (as a third year - wowzers!), so I wanna wind down a bit in these last few weeks. Just for the fuck of it, I thought I'd post these pics from my homeboy Sam's b'day drink up...let's reminise on the crazy times! Props to all my bredrins that have made my summer '07 a wicked one xoxo