Sunday, September 30, 2007


Why do weekends fly by so damn quick? I'm pissed off. Pissed off that I have to work all the motherfricking time. That I get 5 minutes breathing time masqerading as the 'weekend'. That tomorrow it's back to the grind already. And that the cycle continues ad infinitum. Well, for another 42 years or so anyway.

Right now, I'm rebelling as much as I can against the fact that I have to leave my beautiful warm flat in the morning and sit in an office sucking corporate dick for eight hours. I'm refusing to iron my clothes. I'm refusing to sort my hair out. I'm sitting here watching Naked Gun (on mute - it's funnier) and after that I'll watch The Royle Family and then I might go window shopping on the American Apparel website. I'll pretend I'm rich and put loads of stuff in my basket and then, just as they're putting out a virtual hand to grab my card, I'll shut the browser window! Ha! That'll teach those greedy capitalist bastards!

On Saturday, I spent most of the day hanging out with my nieces. We watched a zillion episodes of Desmond's, that classic black British sitcom, on TV. I love that show. It really sums up the generational gap between the first and second generation West Indians, don't you think?

RIP Norman Beaton.

Then in the evening I went out with three friends and we travelled around the metropolis gatecrashing parties. Like a party in a student house where everyone was in fancy dress that started with the letter B. One girl dressed as a bakewell tart. And another party in some well-to-do converted industrial estate where a few people gave us dirty looks like that scene in Weird Science when those alien-looking biker motherfuckers bumrush the show. After that we went to Gullyver at Plastic People where it kind of felt like we were gatecrashers because we all turned up drunk at 3am and everyone was all danced out and ready to go home. I danced for only 15 minutes but it was the best 15 minutes of my life. Vodka makes you feel like every 15 minutes is the best 15 minutes of your life.

But when you sober up the next morning and feel that timebomb ticking away, signalling the start of a new working week looming ever closer, the whole thing just strikes you as being a really unfair balance. Why can't I spend five days gatecrashing parties and two days sucking corporate dick? Why does it have to be the other way round?

Answers on a postcard please.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


If you haven't already and are around central London tomorrow (Sunday the 30th), take a stroll down to Trafalgar Square and go see "Journey". An art installation that tells the true story of a young girl who was promised the world and ended up branded and shackled (not literally but may as well be) ... and sold as a prostitute.
You walk through seeing, hearing and smelling most of the things she had to go through and at the end hear her story.
This is really touching, hits home, makes you think and definitely is worth checking out. The last day is Sunday 30th Sept (sorry for the short notice, I only got to check it out today).
The Helen Bamber Foundation are behind it and there's work by Mode 2 on the side.

much love

Friday, September 28, 2007


I just went to check out their Kicks, Rhymes and Life blog only to read the sad news that Slammin Kicks, one of London's most popular and established independent sneaker stores, is closing down! That's some sad shit.

Read all about it here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Is everyone's life really shit right now?


Must be just me then.

I'm a girl of simple pleasures and in times like this, it's the little things that make a difference.

Today, one of those things arrived in the shape of a lovely new pair of Jordan 4s in white and blue. That got me all warm-hearted and shit. I skipped down to reception to collect it like Shirley Temple on crack in stark contrast to all my other journeys this week where I've been dragging my heels like some morbidly obese hippo.

Then I started reading this book of short stories by Miranda July called 'No-One Belongs Here More Than You'.

It's just a few tales on ordinary people living ordinary lives, real 'something about nothing' stories, but the way she tells them is so fresh and witty. Finding a new author you like is a bit like making a new friend for life. I felt that when I started reading Haruki Murakami too. So Miranda's book made me all warm-hearted as well. And her cool little website on a three-dollar budget made me smile. You should check it out.

Then I went to that vintage shop by the Seven Dials in Covent Garden and found an old-school red and blue Nike windbreaker that I'd been trying to get for ages for only £10! Now all I have to do is fix the zip. And sew the right cuff. And lose two stone so that it fits. Apart from that, it's perfect!

That's all.

P.S. Sorry to anyone who read the title of this post and thought I was going to be outlining my suicide plans or some shit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Claw Money Vandals!!!

Ladies Shmladies, it's safe to say that we rode the hype of the previously released Claw Money Blazers HARD on the blog! Once the release popped off though, some copped (in all three colorways, we might add) and others declined (hehheh, that hefty $200 price tag was a bit much for us)..... but check these out right herrre...

Thoughts? A Go.....Not A Go???

Monday, September 24, 2007


On saturday i went to marketplace where they were celebrating Dj Snips Birthday and i have to say it was one of the best nights of my life! It was so nice to be in an enviroment where so much people were enjoying GOOD music. (none of that "smack that" shite!) Anyway here are the pictures...

Rick James BITCH!

Cute couple Number 1.

Cute couple Number 2.

The Birthday boy. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry i was a wee bit tipsy that night!

This is what happens when a DJ plays Mobb Deep.

This is what happens when a DJ stops playing Mobb deep.(that is not my finger!)



Sunday, September 23, 2007


Let's for one moment flashback to the MTV Europe last year pleasethankyou. It's going to have to be a mental picture as Mr West's PRs have done a fantabulous job of destroyig the evidence and as such there's no youtube vid. WOWEEZY.

That Kanye West threw a HUUUGE hissyfit over Justice pipping him to the post for the best video award. NE'ER have I cringed so much. Those 7-years of netball at my at my jolly hockeysticks all-girls school taught me to prize Sportsman(woman?)ship above errthing else in the game. As I result, Yae's outburst offended deep-rooted sensibilities within me. 'Slew Wastemen', I thought. But I still like him because he's got a genius IQ or something and seems like someone who I might've been friends with because he laughs at his own jokes in that way that geeks always do.


So Yae's back with a new video for new track Good Life with our large and shiny lipped 'please keep your sunglasses on' friend, T-Pain. I actually really like it but guess who he's roped in to direct the video??? Jonas & Fran├žois with animation by So Me. Black & White Kanye and T-Pain, lots of pretty colourful illustration/animation. So far, so steezy.


Wait a minute. These 3 guys are the same trio who directed said Justice's last video, D.A.N.C.E. And what a triumph it was. Scurred of being pipped to the post again, or an oppurtunity for another bit of PR afterall, they say all publicity is good publicity. It's the old adage - if you can't beat em, join em. It's the ONE video where I don't find T-Pain gross. An achievement in itself. And I don't have to cover my 10 year old brother's eyes to watch it.

Give the man a trophy already


Ah, the past two weeks have been pretty hellish. I've been so busy i wanna go home and stay in bed for a week! I'm looking like shit - I need my hair cut and nails doing....I need aholiday at least! This week I'm going to Milan til Friday, which should be pretty dope, I'll get lots of pics for ya. It also happens to be fashion week in Milan so I'm gonna channel the power of Cindy Crawford circa 1991 for my look...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


...have you seen the flash new Puma/Yo! MTV Raps site? Oh you have? I know, I know...I'm late.
Anyways, Puma have put together a limited edition range of clothing and trainers to honour the classic hip-hop show which ran from 1988 to 1996 and was hosted by Dr. Dre (not that one), Ed Lover and Fab Five Freddy. RIP to that shit...MTV doesn't even know what hip-hop is from the looks of things these days. I can't even watch that channel.
Check out the site, it's pretty cool. And features Big Daddy Kane which is always welcome.
I only blogged so I could show this picture really.


It's 2am right now and I really should be in bed, trying to avoid rolling into work looking like a crackwhore again. But I'm not. So I'm going to put a video on. Yes, a good old fashioned VHS tape, none of that new fandangled DVD shit. I'm gonna watch Mulan, my favourite Disney film.

Before anyone steps in to say how historically accurate the film is or how it portrays this race or that race, I'll just ask you to leave that shit at the door for now and simply look at Mulan as a character. She's basically a girl who society tried to force to become more ladylike to fit in with traditional notions of what a girl should be, which she HATED. All she wanted to do was hang out and have fun in her camo tracksuit bottoms and Air Jordans. Oh no, sorry, that's me. But I'm sure if she was about now, she'd want the same. I'm sure of it.

Then war breaks out and a male from her family has got to represent. But the only male who can do it is her old pops who is in a bit of a fragile state. No-one wants him to go off to war, but he has no choice. It's either that or shame on the family forever.

But Mulan ain't having that. She chops her hair off and masquerades as a boy so that she can take her father's place. When he finds out, he runs out into the rain and falls over in the mud which is the most heartbreaking scene in cinematic history. Well, after that bit in Dumbo where his mum goes nuts and starts smashing up the gaff. But pops needn't have worried because Mulan gets the job done and saves China and it's all good.

I love Mulan because she would do anything for her family. Now let's compare her to another Disney character: that floozy Pocahontas.

Yes, yes, I know that this film is TOTALLY historically inaccurate, but let's just take it at face value for the purpose of my rather tenuous comparison. Pocahontas, in Disney's film, is not only happy to ponce around all day doing nothing, but she actually sells out her family for a man! And a man that she only met because he was on his way to burn down her village and wipe out her people or some shit. Mulan would never do that. NEVER!

I know who I'd rather hang out with.

Next week - Finding Nemo: who gives a shit?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay ladies. so its that time of year again!!! WAH 3 is almost done and its BEYOND dope!!!! My computer has crashed several times and I don't have ANY postal addresses for anyone.

So....if you want a copy I need you to send me your NAME AND POSTAL ADDRESS AND EMAIL all on a separate line -



We post worldwide for free!!!!

We only have 500 copies so its first come first served and the rest will have to sekkle with a PDF online....

Also, I'll be updating the website and i'm well aware that you can't download issue 2 so that'll be fixed soon! You'll be able to download all three issues soon...

Also - this magazine is for LADIES only!!! If you are a boy and you want it, you will have to download it...

Keep checking the blog for updates....

muchos lovos homegirls.....xxxxx


I WOULD BUY EACH ONE OF THESE CUTIES!! But unfortunately, I am too old to be breaking any bone in my body unnecessarily (In my opinion, skating needs to tackled at a younger age like 11 when you are more fearless!) These are the beautiful products of the collaboration between Supreme and Takashi Murakami and Mr. for an upcoming series of skate decks.

Murakami works in both fine arts media as well as commercial media and he blurs the boundaries in both low and high art. He is a living art legend in my eyes with distinct influences from manga and anime (which I both love!). Mr. 's style is also greatly influenced by the Otaku (manga/anime) culture in Japan with, anime-like two- and three-dimensional representations of joyful adolescents..however his decks and art have a slightly more sexual side to it as you can won't take you long to distinguish which artist painted which deck!
Also, Ironically, Mr. was discovered by Takashi Murakami in 1995 and has since been involved with Murakami's art organization Kaikai Kiki..

Anyway, I think it's better for you all to google/research them anyway to get the full biography and to also educate yourself of these two incredible artists because the only thing that seems to come out of my mouth when I hear their names is "They're dope!" which doesn't translate into good English..

The series will include a set of 3 decks designed by each artist and they will be available at Supreme locations Los Angeles, New York and Japan as well as selected shops.

Until next time..

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I came prepared for a night of wild style
So did my ladies Anne-Marie and Amy It was Breakin Bread's 9th birthday
Charlie Chase, original Cold Crush Brother, steps up
And is joined by Prince Whipper Whip, Cold Crush Brothers and then Fantastic Five. Know your hip-hop history!

Nuff b-boys and b-girls in the house...

...including Spin (La Familia)

...and Mouse (Soul Mavericks and UK B-Boy champ)

Their crews battled on the night. Soul Mavericks won.
Prince Whipper Whip kept the crowd entertained.

They showed clips up on the screen from
...which was wicked.

Remember: if you got funk, you got style...

Happy feet
Yes, yes, y'all...that's my name...don't wear it out!

Big ups to the Breakin Bread crew for putting on a wicked night...and happy birthday! x