Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yep, it's another intro for your viewing pleasure...

What's gaaaan on girlies!! My name is Karis, and I'm very pleased to announce that I'll now be contributing towards WAH's blog.
Hopefully you'll recognise my artist alter-ego 'Mz.Matic', but I also go by the names 'Kaz'/'K'/'Carebear'/'Bazmatic' etc. to my dear bredrins and homies.

I'm an illustrator/artist/graf writer with a background in fashion design, and I'm about to go into the third year of a degree in Illustration. I'm 21, and from North London (born + bred).
I absolutely love to draw, and look foward to hustlin' my way into working within the VCD field (album artworks/advertising/mag editorials/vinyl toys etc.), fashion print and illustration, writing, photography, styling, and God knows what else!!
I work as a Sales Associate on weekends to fund my many addictions to anything fashion, art, literature, music, gadget, sneaker or gold jewellery related. I'm a creative girl with a tremendous love for Hip Hop (ohhh yess!!).
I have much respect and admiration for all the females out in the creative business fields that are reppin' with independance and general flossy-ness - particularly within the male dominated scenes. I feel WAH as a fanzine, reps this type of lady alllll day - the type of lady that will usually get slept on or overlooked.
I look foward to spreading my crazy message to the world, and I'd love to use this opportunity to converse with other inspiring females around the globe...SO MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN BABY!
Here's to many more blogs,

Karis AKA Mz.Matic xoxo

P.S: Big up to Sharma on getting a 1ST CLASS DEGREE!! Congrats girl!!!

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