Tuesday, June 26, 2007

L-Boogie in the House.

Probably the best Lauryn Hill verse ever.

Touches me and it buuuuuuurns.

Originally from the song "Manifest" with the Fugees but this version is a remix with "Ex-Factor" and was recorded live in the UK unreleased. It cuts off real blunt because its actually cut from her mixtape: The Best of Lauryn Hill Vol. 1&2 by J. Period. GET THAT SHIT! Best mixtape EVER and you think I'm being bias because I'm such a Lauryn Hill freak but I'm so serious. It comes with two cd's: vol.1 (FIRE) which is all her rap and rhymes and then vol. 2 (WATER) that contains all of the acapellas. A lot of live performances recorded on the cd's and a lot of special guests like Rohan Marley, Nas, The Fugees, Common, Bob Marley and the list goes on. You can purchase it on J. Period's website www.jperiod.com and that's about it. It's actually really exclusive and I think every woman should have these two cd's on her shelf because it's truly inspirational and includes a lot of Lauryn's outlook on life and love in general. She's extremely intelligent. Although a little crazy but I still love her.

I'm watching her perform at the Pala Casino so you know I'm already losing sleep over it.
Soon to be reported so stay posted.

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K said...

Good to see that Miss Lauren is still getting love world-wide Awesome blog too ladies