Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Y-3: Not just for G's

A UK G's number one favourite brand is almost undoubtedly Prada Sport but following close, CLOSE behind in second place is no doubt Adidas Y-3. Logo-heavy designs mean all out on road are made aware that the wearer has P's on P's and is 'on next level' when it comes to his clothing. A G takes his garms seriously. I'm doubtful of whether the majority of G Y-3 wearers know who Yohji Yamamoto is and I'm less than inclined to believe they'd be interested or might recognise a piece from Yamamoto's in own Adidas free, leaning towards avant-garde main line, you never know. But I love how these things trickle down and I love G's because they usually have great arms, muscular backs, sharp and crispy hair-cuts (have you seen that Poni vid on XXXu??), a way with the chat-up lines and learn how to smile from watching Omarion and Ne-yo videos and you can say what you like about those two, but they really do know how to smile. This season I LOVE Y-3. The website isn't repping too hard and my scanners broken so I couldn't scan in any pics other than this one of my favourite piece: this hot and delicious necklace shown here in some editorial I found in one of my favourite Italian magazines: Pig. This piece is the one for me.

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