Sunday, December 31, 2006


The last day of the year is a time for reflection, for thinking about the time gone by and how we can better it...blah blah blah. This year has been FUCKING AMAZING for me. I have seriously enjoyed it to the fullest, I am happy, I am healthy and I am right where I wanna be in life. Everything is great, I have been very lucky. So lemme tell you what I have learnt this year...


I started off the year without a proper home. I was bumming at peoples house, I had no money because i was getting half my student loan (it was my placement year) and i didn't wanna do any shitty jobs, so I was a hobo. I lived with Simon, then i moved in with Alex, it was a stressful time, then i moved back to Wolverhampton, which sucked me emotionally dry and left my crying myself to sleep every night and then Kabir offered me a place in his flat in Covent Garden all summer, I had the most amazing time, and now I got a lovely flat in Hackney with my beautiful friend Meghan and her boyfriend Steve and I am now happy n settled. All the moving around wasn't good for my health, like literally! I was getting sick at Simons house because its colder than the Arctic and i was getting depressed. People need roots, you need a room to call your own, you need your own space in your bathroom shelf for all your beauty products.


I hated the idea of doing a shitty job for lots of money, but I was really quick to do a great one for free! This summer I interned at a mens fashion magazine, the only one worth working for, Arena Homme +. I had to do it as part of my degree but that was really the only place i was gonna go. I love menswear more than womenswear. It was really hard work, stressful, long hours, crazy people, but tons of perks. I know my worth and I know I am good so I worked hard for free, confident that i would prove my worth. It paid off immensely. I got a huge bonus at the end of it, completely unexpected, and I got other freelance jobs off the back of it, again bringing me in more money. And now, I have no worries about when I graduate, I got job offers and am looking forward to beginning my career.


I know he hates me writing about him but when something is so ingrained in your life, its hard not to. For the past 4 years I have been on and off with the same boy, we are still in a psycho love thing and i see/speak to him pretty much everyday, but now I feel we are better than ever. Me and Alex have been through pretty much every argument possible, but I'm glad we done it in the first four years, i hope the next forty are better...Although we aren't going out right now, and therefore free to do what we please, I feel closer and more calmer to him than ever. I think its because I truly believe in the following - WHATS FOR YOU WILL BE YOURS. (That and the fact that no other girl is all round better than me for him, and vice versa) And I think most people should think like that when it comes to love. I guess what I am trying to say is that I dont clutter my head with what he gets up to while we are not together, because if we are meant to be together, married with kids etc, it will happen. I don't force things. And by not concerning myself with what hes doing, its means we don't argue, because there is nothing to argue about. When it comes to love, just relax and things will work themselves out.


I've find maintaining meaningful friendships really difficult. Call it Future Shock if you will. I have a handful of people I can depend on 100% and i guess everyone else is just trial and error. I've had an amazing summer with my girlfriends: Grace, Jenny, Jennifer and Elle have rocked my world. We've had fun, we've partied hard, we look fresh, we've fought, but everything works out in the end. I am always truthful with my friends, I believe I owe them that much, even if they don't wanna hear it. But one thing they should remember is that the fact that I am spending time and energy telling them those things means I love and care for them very much. Tis true, I may not always say it in the right way, but we all have our faults. Also, your friends should SUPPORT each other, work together, collaborate, help each other, we're all in the same fucking rat-race. Stay positive, I hate negative, whiny people. It achieves nothing. Assess the problem and deal with it. Friendships are great. I get cabin fever if I ain't seen my girls for ages...


Everyone will remember 2006 as the year the world woke up. Global warming is a serious matter affecting our planet and it has changed the way i live my daily life. I never litter, i don't leave the tap running ever, i dont use any CFCs, I try and buy organic where i can, its the little things that make me feel better. I am very aware of the deeper issues, thanks to many magazines devoting entire issues to the cause, and constant newspaper articles, so i know where to put my support. We are already feeling the effects. Its sunny and warm in December! So lets try and make things better for future generations.

So I think I have covered it all. Come on guys, just relax, 2007 is gonna be great. I hate to get all Ned Flanders on you but stay happy, healthy, keep smiling and it'll all work out. People truly do get what they deserve. xoxoxo

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hello peoples! Sorry about the lack of updates but clearly I am allowed a break at Xmas. A quick recap as to what has been going on...I secretly knew it would be the case but I DID NOT SPEND XMAS ALONE!

Alex came over and we had a wicked xmas at my house. My dinner was appalling because my oven is shit and there were NO good films on, but we had fun. Then we went back to the Midlands on a horrendous coach journey because there were no trains and saw his family. We played every new board game out and ate loads and loas. Then I saw my family and gave my lil sisters loadsa pressies and then we came back to London and it was all good. Not a single argument in 5 days! For anyone who knows how me and Alex roll, that was astounding.

Now I'm back in London and i'm still writing my thesis (its on contemporary menswear styling and Fascist imagery) and its doing my head in. I can't concentrate on it because my mind keeps wandering to all these other projects i'm working on. Like i literally can't even find room in my brain for my thesis! However i'm using my other projects as a reward, so when i've done a thousand words, i'll take a break and work on something else. Its gonna be in on January 10th, so barring NYE, i'm outta action until then. If you don't see me or hear from me, its not because i've eloped to the Seychelles with my postman, its because i'm writing this bloody essay. January 10th guys, then i'm getting fuuuuucked!!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Oxycottontail Rocks!


Big news guys, Ray Bans are rereleasing their iconic Wayfarers in March 07!! A few peeps have been wearing these last summer, bringin em on back, but up until next Spring you couldn't actually buy the classic style brand new, you had to cop that shit from eBay or charity shops. Well i got a fresh pair on my desk this morning and I am haaaaaapppy. Despite it being December already, its really sunny some days. Fuck the seasonal protocol, i'm rockin my sunnies now...


Check out this video of MOB Living at Riottt showing Leah of Married To The Mob chatting about Lil Kim, her business and general industry shit. I always respected what Leah did, but after watching this video, even more so. Just like I sit there til 3am making and sendins out copies of WAH, so does she do everything herself. Gotta respect that! She also bigs up WAH in the video... that girl got taste....


New Era Womens caps are the shiiiit!!! You gotta give props to one of the few brands to recognise that they need to do hot shit for the girls. I got this sick NY hat off em today with a heavy Zebra print under the peak. when i got home I realised it matched my new fleecy dressing gown, My Xmas outfit is now complete!! Woop Woop!! They also do a brown one with LEOPARD PRINT which Elle copped a while back....yeee hah!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Only Trace magazine, which has totally gone down the pan since last year, could put the worst picture of Kelis i have ever seen on their cover. Poor Kelis...



I'm gonna be spending Xmas alone this year. Don't feel sorry for me, its purely through choice. I don't wanna go to my Mom's house because we will argue and her Xmas dinner won't be as good as mine. I don't wanna go to my Nan's house because its weird since my Grandad died, and I don't wanna spend it with my ex because this would be the 3/4th Xmas where we spend it together without officially going out, and I can't deal with pretending to be happy with that when I am not. So, I'm gonna be in my nice, warm, comfortable house, with all my Marks and Spencers food, and my DVDs and love it. I'm also gonna do some dinner for the concierge in my building as he is spending Xmas at the front desk. I'm actually quite excited about the prospect. I have bought myself a new dressing gown, slippers and pyjama's to wear all day, I'll keep my phone switched on, in case something happens to me, and i got plenty of reading to be doing. I'm also gonna buy the Guide on Saturday and circle all the 80s films they always show that I wanna see. It sounds very sad, but really I am surrounded by people and friends all day, everyday. I'm gonna use this time for myself to reflect and plan 2007. Its gonna be great!

don't worry Macaulay, its not THAT scary!!


Just picked up a mailout from Leah of the new Married To The Mob Holiday hoodies. Cut n Sew, 19oz fleece (oh yeeeahhh, i am obsessed with fleece) with loverly gold zips...I wanna green one! Go get em at from the MTTM Site


Something weird happened to me on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I went to my oldest friends birthday party at his house on Saturday night, and it was just...strange. I walked in to someone cutting up coke on the living room table. This boy already looked like a fucked up AIDS victim and the idea of him snorting coke did him no favours in my mind. Then I went downstairs and everyone was off their face on pills. AT A HOUSE PARTY WITH ABOUT 20 PEOPLE!!

It was weird. I'm not talking about those "trendy wannabe popstar" girls either, but the ugliest bunch of losers you will ever see. The type of people who come to London because they think they are "alternative" and get a job in a corporate bar for the rest of their life. There were some crazy short foreign girls and a fat girl dressed as a human Christmas tree was so hideous I wanted to cry!! All of em on chemical drugs....I just sat upstairs in the bedroom for most of the night and eventually went to bed...

THEN....going home the next morning, I'd done a little bit of Xmas shopping for my little sisters and was waiting for my bus home. A guy got off the bus at my stop and was looking at me funny. He was small-ish, about 25 years old, with a 70s style sheepskin coat, black trousers and the most fucked up Adidas gazelles you have ever seen. He had curly black hair and wasn't ugly. A Shoreditch type. Anyway, he was looking at me funny so i looked away. I'm not about the aggro on a Sunday afternoon. He walked over to me and he stank so bad. He smelt like a homeless alcoholic dude, I had to look away. He said to me, "I'm trying to get back to Shoreditch" (SURPRISE, SUR-FUCKING-PRISE) so i was like giving him directions, he was going the wrong way etc...Then he goes "I like your outfit" I mumbled back "Thanks" I think he musta took that as his cue, because then he started talking a whole load of shit to me about how he had just come back from the pub (its was 4pm) and he had gone halves on a gram of coke with a girl and she had stole it all and how he wanted to beat the bitches face in but she got these two rugby dudes to throw him out of the pub. I said "Coke is NOT cool, go home" he actually said back to me "Yes it is". Then he goes on about my outfit some more, then starts teling me my eyes are beautiful etc, I was getting a bit freaked out. He said his name was Damien and that sometimes he djs at Koko club. He stank so bad. Then my bus came. "Are you on Myspace" he said. "NOOOOOO" I shouted back, and jumped on the bus. Now i wish i had his Myspace so i could post a picture of him here.

The moral of the story is this kids:

CLASS A DRUGS ARE NOT FUCKING COOL. I'm partial to the odd spliff, but if you cant get high off life then clearly something is wrong with you.


Ahhhh, life in the Big Smoke moves too fast for me... since Thursday a ton of stuff has happened. As you can see below me and Amazing G threw a siiiiick party on Friday, was so good i coulda cried...I went to my oldest friend's birthday party on Saturday, and there was crazy things happening, chilled on Sunday then got ridiculously ill in the night. Was ill all day Monday, completely bedbound until a secret knight came and rescued me with smoothies and Lemsip. I was so hungry and staying in bed and eating 3 crackers all day that i went out for an overpriced dinner at Cottons. And now its Tuesday and i've been writing my thesis all morning and now i'm taking an internet break....

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Thanks to all that came down and represented, we had soo much fun!!! Skills and Sterling were sooo sick - it's insane! Sinden i can't believe you found 'Our House' - loving the maddness. Aaron in the basement- FUCKED IT UP!

some pics- enjoy!

It's all about Jordan! Fresh to death mofo, thanks A x

Kat hooked it it up with the vodka! Mwah, Mwah, Mwah!

It's like Acyde could see Yuri's face! My reaction exactly!

Kish know's it's all about the 23..

Radi Dadi was loving it!

And so was Aaron...

Seb from yoyo's..

This is what happpens when you don't drink alcohol....Gwar I'm ashamed of you.

BUT WE DO.....



Next one coming soon!

Friday, December 15, 2006


My apologies for a posts of fashion overdose this morning. I think its because I haven't been to work all week because i've been writing my thesis and I miss being surounded by it...Anyways...I have already covered below: my shoe needs and Versace...but lemme give a little love to Moschino, not the catwalk kind, the STREET look....The first piece of Moschino i got was a tight ass hand-me-down crop top from my cool as cousin that my mom didn't want me to wear because it was toooooo revealing, but i was hooked. Now I spend my days on ebay looking for name plate gold belts and bags....


I looooove wearing sneakers, I can stomp around soho and walk/run really fast, I can bring an OTT outfit down with em, and I can show off with my lastest hype purchases...however my DNA is all woman and ingrained in that DNA is a love of heels. I'm a Gemini so i've always been a person of extremes, so if im not wearing sneakers or flat flip flops, i'm in the highest, chunkiest heels you can imagine. The kind that causes short ex's to ask me kindly to take them off. One of the perks of my job is seeing all the collections in the flesh before they are in the shops to "oooooo" and "ahhhh" and their amazingness. The one collection that stood out to me was the Versace s/s 07 (see below). It was so damn beautiful and the SHOESSSSSSS oh my dayssss, they blew my mind. That is ONE thing i'm gonna blow some money next year. I've added a few other shoes that are tickling my fancy so you get the picture. I like em HIGH, preferably with STRAPS, and a PLATFORM or WEDGE, so i can wear em with spray on jeans and a puffa jacket and wobble around on them like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver....