Monday, June 25, 2007

Yes yes y'all, you don't stop...


I’m Josephine and I’m gonna take you on a magical journey of random shit-chatting. And you WILL love it dammit.

I feel like I’m in a relationship with KRS-One. In the last week I have seen him no less than FOUR times in London. First was at the Forum where he performed with the one like Marley Marl on the wheels of steel. That’s pretty deep cos they had a crazy beef back in the day. Check out ‘The Bridge is Over’ where KRS implies that Marley Marl drops his soap in the shower and is in no rush to pick it up. Someone told me Marley Marl had a heart attack a week before the gig. He looked pretty healthy to me though. Maybe it was just indigestion.

Then KRS turns up at the Jazzmatazz gig at Jazz Café. I love Guru big time but I was bored out of my bollocks. Some of the stuff that was going through my mind was:

· Will man ever live on Mars?

· Is it so wrong to fancy a picture of your grandfather when he was 17?

· Will there ever be a day when a human can run faster than an ostrich?

· Why wasn’t The Three Amigos a box office smash?

Plus this girl behind me was sexually assaulting me by rubbing her 34 FFF knockers up against my back. I had to tell her about herself. Baby I don’t swing that way. But I do swing this way: POW!

KRS also did a set at Fidgit in Plan B in Brixton on Friday night which was pretty live. He came into the crowd and started off a cipher and all the b-boys and girls got down. Well as much as you can get down in a 30cm radius circle.

Finally, Sunday afternoon we headed down to Plan B again to hear the teacher give a lecture on hip-hop. He’s pretty deep, a really charismatic and inspirational speaker. I’ve heard him speak out quite a lot against calling women bitches and hos etc which is pretty rare in hip-hop these days I think you’ll agree. But he added another dimension to the argument on Sunday. He said that a lot of it comes down to language, pointing out that most rappers who speak about women in a misogynistic fashion have women managers and other strong female characters around them who would give them a good clip round the ear ‘ole if they ever called them a bitch or a ho. The point he was making was that they sometimes use derogatory language in a theatrical sense, but they don’t really mean it in a lot of cases.

Needless to say, this explanation has left me somewhat dissatisfied. All I know is that, as a result of this theatrical language, there are a hell of a lot of people out there who think that, to paraphrase the aforementioned KRS-One track, women in hip-hop are 'only good for steady fucking'.

What do you think?

Anyways big-ups to KRS-One – he’s gonna be back in London on 13 July @ Jazz Café.

And an even bigger big-ups to Sharmadean for getting a 1st – massive respect.

Laterzzzzzzzzzz x

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Love said...

yet again u managed to make me actually LOL- at least this time it wasn't in the office! does this mean yr not gonna be posting on myspace???? anyway ms j, keep it up! xxx