Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For when you can't decide between Run DMC or Black Moon...Available from here.


In between work, revision and steady grinding on my dissertation I found some time to see what the ladies at Mama HQ were up to and bun a significant chunk of my student loan.

Mama's SS07 sale's still on. If you like lace and are sick of rolling up the sleeves on premium streetwear tees made for boys (not me -I bloody love rolling sleeves up for days but variety is the spice of life) you'll like this.

Lace print tees a-plenty at knock-down prices you know. It's month end so don't hesitate.

I wanted to cop the Coco new era but none left. That's what happens when one sleeps for nigh on a year. That's an error right there.


Monday, October 29, 2007


Now girlies, if theres one thing I love its shoes and underwear. The more expensive, the better! So props to my favourite typographers this side of 1979 who've redesigned the logo and produced this dope ass catalogue and panties for everyones favourite underwear shop Agent Provocateur! AP asked House Industries to "tweak the curves and tighten the fit" of its lingerie brand after they'd been using some drybone off the shelf typeface for like, 10 years! So now they've decided it was time to give their visual identity the same level of attention that they give to the smallest lacy detail on each undergarment and to their legendary window displays.

"We needed to move on. House Industries was an obvious choice. I knew they would retain the goodwill we had already developed in the word mark but deliver something authentic and original. I was right," said Corré.
House Industries artists also penned a voluptuous corset shape to contain the swirly AP logotype, redrew the signature Agent Provocateur lacy legs, and created an exclusive typeface for the company.

House Industries co-founder and art director Andy Cruz states "When you shop at Agent Provocateur, you expect each tiny detail to be perfect and beautiful, and it is. The same goes for everything in the store, including the company logo and artwork," says Cruz. "It's all part of the experience and the authentic package that makes Agent Provocateur the real deal."
To celebrate the new logo, House Industries and Agent Provocateur have produced a limited-edition derriere-shaped book that tells the story of their collaboration.

It comes wearing a pair of AP knickers cross-branded with House Industries' clothing arm, House33.

The limited edition book and knickers ($100) can be purchased online at the House Industries Website



Heeeey ladies! It's been a minute, we know- we too have been MIA... but it's only cuz we've been on our royal rude gal grind. Word. Lots of stuff in the works (can't give it all up just yet!), but we thought we'd share an interview we recently did with Format Magazine.

(Unfortunately the banner is acting silly.... so you can check it right herre!


The clocks went back on Sunday morning here in the UK. Anyone who was at Plastic People for Gullyver's Hollerween special would have been alerted to this fact by the huge clock I was wearing around the neck of my Death costume, which scared the shit out of people in a way I'd never dreamed possible. Asantewa (aka Chola Ama) and Niranjela have the pictorial evidence and will blog that shit soon. Fun times.

The bit that isn't so fun times is that it's now officially winter. This is the time of year that I traditionally do the following things:
  • Sleep in all weekend
  • Turn into a hermit
  • Don't answer any phone calls
  • Put on two stone
  • Cry myself to sleep every night while writhing about in a pool of my own vomit and faeces
But I'm breaking the cycle this year! So here, for your visual pleasure, is my first-aid kit for the long and lonely winter months. Feel free to use any of the ingredients for your own use.

Let me know what's gonna be in yours.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The time have come!!! Unfortunately we wont be having a Halloween party this year, those who came to our party last year know how sick it was, and how gangsta everyone looked!!!!

However tonight it's on! Acyde and MK will are representing at Plastic People, the freaks will be out in full force!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm not really a huge animal lover (domestic cats, for example, are just pure EVIL in my opinion) but I found the recently published list of primate species that are 'about to disappear' incredibly sad. Like the Greater Bamboo Lemur pictured above.

Check out this slideshow of the 25 species identified as most at-risk, including two of our closest great ape cousins, the Cross River gorilla of Cameroon and Nigeria and the orang-utan from Sumatra.

According to Russell Mittermeier, the president of Conservation International "you could fit all the surviving members of these 25 species in a single football stadium; that's how few of them remain on Earth today."


So earlier last week I posted the flyer for the Permanent 2 tattoo artshow at Versus gallery/store, now the pictures finally came in so I'm putting them up for those who weren't there. I know our readers are worldwide and it's a little expensive to fly to Cali on a regular basis. Just a little. So here's some photos of the show. Great turn out!

I apologize if I don't have all the names of the artists down on the canvas pictures. I'll try my best.

Coolest baby ever. Check out his Permanent shirt and his little tattoo.

Mike Giant (Rebel 8)

Maxx 242
Love me some English Bulldog
Frankie and Meagan are the cutest couple around town. Selected by ME.

Nate Esteras.

Well hmm.. this girl was drunk as hell while she was getting inked.

Clive. enough said.

Luke Wessman of Miami Ink and Lucky's Tattoo Parlor.

The Gaslamp Killer. The moment I discovered that he actually spins shit like Clipse and possibly likes Birdman.

Free the Robots!
Jodi, Rick MSK, and Menso One. Rick is supposedly the oldest graffiti writer alive. I believe that he's 77. The Gangster as fuck version of Albus Dumbledore.


Nate again with the first girl I spotted getting a Versus tattoo.


Mike Diamond.

Spray can art.

Luke once again.
"We come in peace but we ready for war."

Me triple-fisting. Two bottles and a beer.


WARNING: Tattoo's are like drugs. That shit is crack cocaine. I got the itch after the show to get my arm done asap but will wait until January and get a real piece. Stop it already with the .000004 millimeters size heart above your pubes or a butterfly above your ass crack. It'll look like a pink mole or a colorful birthmark when you're 68.

I'm out of here. Ciao!