Sunday, June 24, 2007

yet ANOTHER introduction....

Before i start to rant congratulations and salutations to Miss Sharmadean on getting a 1st!

what it do ladies! My name is Asantewa (pronounced aah-san-tee-wah) and I am also please to let you girls know that I will be contributing to the WAH blog..

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I'm an 18 years old(im a youngin) semi-professional dancer and I am from greater West London basically known as the countryside to all those city folk! The fact that I am a dancer means that I LOVE to dance, create and innovate and I am definately looking forward to making it my full-time career! At the mo i'm just finishing of my A-levels (*snore) and then i'm off into the big bad world in my gap year : S THEN im HOPEFULLY going to be studying at a performing arts college studying Musical Theatre!

I work as a tele-reasearcher part-time..dont laugh it PAYS! I need the money to pay for all the many things that i want which basically means clothes, shoes,trainers,dvds,cds,books,jewellery, getting my nails and hair did..ahh the list goes on and i can't and won't stop!
I discovered WAH a while ago and was immediately impressed by it and the message Sharmadean portrays about being an independent woman and in contributing to the WAH blog i have TREMENDOUS respect for all the ladies out there on their hustle and grind smashing down the glass ceiling in their chosen profession..get em girls!

Like the other girls said before..comment comment comment! Let us know what you think on our blogs..have an opinion..don't just accept what we write,if you disagree say so! Let's make WAH bigger than it already is!



Hunter said...


The names Ajia from NYC all day! Love the blog,have no idea how i found it. Im a photographer and lover of all things fashion soon to be studying in L.A.
Double major photography and film.
But enough about me.
I know a whole lotta girls down in NYC who would die to have WAH magazine.
Then I saw a friend of mine modeling aNYthing clothing on the bolg,and knew the girls here were gonna die.
So is there anyway Some NY sista can get our very own hard copy. Plz say yes!
hit me back
Much love

Hunter said...

ooo wait u might need that email