Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm Lola. Apologies for being disgustingly slow off the mark on this intro thing. Hi-5s a-plenty to Sharma for her 1st Class degree.

I'm 20. I'm from Birmingham, England. I'm on my gap year off from my Fashion Management degree at the London College of Fashion and work part-time as assistant in all things PR and Marketing at everyones favourite polo-maker Fred Perry AND work part-time at a sneaker boutique in Birmingham called Size? with 9 boys which is nothing but good-times.

I've been into WAH since the very first issue. Known of Sharma since i was 15 and we bost posted on the same fashion board even though I don't think she even knew i was alive and breathing the same air as her.Now I occasionally bump into her at uni and share a mutual friend in the shape of Checkin' It topgyal Elle. I love what WAH's about because I'm crazy about girls who do things: Anyone who does their ish well is always good for me but Girls doing stuff well is ALOT.

Things I enjoy include trainers, Aaliyah, hefty, cumbersome wedges, Lanvin, CDG, Burberry, Undercover, Loubutin shoes, chrome nail polish, mobile phone jewellery, fila jumpers, jordan brand and my diamante swoosh earrings not to mention rings from the 98p shop (not one pound, not 99p -don't get it twisted), reading, jokes for days, glossy magazines, good editorial and premium streetwear: it's so good it's almost an oxymoron.

hope you enjoy my posts and want me to write blogs for days.


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me+Penelope said...

lola - i want that necklace.....sharm xx