Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Oh my days, CSI is a hip hop special with Method Man, Akon, Travis Barkley and some fake rapper who is forced to dress up in underwear! It's all about 'street teams" - 3 kids from Meth's street team gets murdered. Some girls mom is like "What the hell is a street team!?" Sweeeeet! i love CSI...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I had on black n white Nike SBs with yellow laces. Flossin!

Monday, March 26, 2007


My throat is sore. I've been drinking Beechams with a teaspoon of honey but nothings working. I wanna smoke but its only gonna make my throat worse! I've been in the house all day. Except when I went to get my nails done. I got yellow with orange, white and gold stripes. Orange and Lemons.

I have an entire degree project to hand in on May 11th and I'm feeling supremely unmotivated. I have no idea whats wrong with me lately. Today I laid out 2 more pages of WAH3. Don't worry, its coming, and its great. Lots of interestin stuff to read, can't wait til its done.

I have watched so many episodes of CSI in the past year (I started watching it while living at Alex's house last February in the middle of nowhere, there was nothing and no-one to do) yet I've only seen one repeat. How is that? how many series are there? Where does it end?

On Saturday I went to a brilliant Friends and Family Spectacular at Koko in Camden and saw another great set by DJ Yoda. I love Yoda. His Djing makes me smile. Like literally his choice of tunes can bring a smile to my face or a tear to my eye. Its great. I haven't met any hot DJs for a while. At one point I had to beat em off with a stick. Maybe I'm just feeling too sorry for myself.

On Sunday I went to Simon's house as usual for Sunday dinner. I love him!

I need to go gym and I am planning my next tattoo.

I am rambling terribly. Someone send me something thats gonna make me smile. I think the stress is eating my brain...


Hola kids...I haven't updated the blog for a while, I've been terrible lately, I know. But the latest reason is because my computer won't let me upload photos! WTF is wrong with this piece of shit?! I bought my Macbook last October with my first earned fat paycheck. At first it was a beautiful relationship. We talked, we went travelling around the world. My Macbook was there for me when no one else was. It held my hand throughout my thesis, enouraged me to make WAH2. It was always there for me. I cleaned it regularly, and decorated it with pretty stickers, made it feel at home. And then it started to play up. First it started to slow down. It didn't wanna play when I did. It was tired and often had "headaches". Then its battery ran flat. It needed stimulants to keep it up. It needed to be plugged in at all times. After staying up til midnight to book an appointment online with a Genius who promised to fix our little problem, I had to wait a week, but lo and behold we had a new lease of life, a new battery. But now the problem has happened again. Already I have accidentally plugged it out about 6 times today due to its 'clever" magnetic attachment. And now whenever I try to upload a photo, either online or through Indesign or any other programs it fucks up! I just wanna throw it off the 13th floor...

I hate doing a blog post without images, but here I go...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007




My girl Imee has finally made it to London! Woop Woop!!! I took her to all the dope spots yesterday. As with all Americans she nearly had a heart attack in Topshop, she's having dinner now with some London heads and then we are gonna go back to mine and eat Weed Candy!!! Woop Woop x 4!!!


Arggghh! I love Ciara, I loved her since I was at my cousins house upstairs in the shower and she was playing some music, I didn't know what it was and I couldn't hear it properly, but it was Ciara's first album and it was gooooood! I'm so glad she dumped that ugly little fucker Bow Wow too, he was like a midget pimp....Anyways, here is her tasty new video for Like A Boy, a song I can completely relate too (sorry to be cheesy). Heavy dancing, some gangsta outfits and a lil crunkish vocoder type voice over it...perfecto!


Would it be really silly if I had these at my birthday party!?



Friday, March 16, 2007


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ohhhhhhh maaaa gawd!!!

I have waited sooooo long for this video!!! This is my fave tune off Beyonce's album and finally we have a dope ass video to match! Check her nails and that plait!

Friday, March 09, 2007


In the Guardian yesterday I read a front page story about Toni Comer, a girl from Sheffield that 4 policemen beat up outside a nightclub. I read the story on the front page with intrigue. Read the full story here. On page 3 you see a picture of her, looking pretty thugged out, with her hair gelled and fake LV headscarf. Its a dope picture, I love it.

This story is of particular interest to me being a young black woman in Britain. There is something almost universal about the hatred of police. Everyone hates them, everyone moans about police, cusses them, argues with them. Especially those from ethnic minorties. I completely understand the reasons why. My brother gets stopped by the police in his cars all the time. He relishes the fact that his can flash his National Army badge and they just wave him along... I on the other hand think they're ok. Just like everyone else in the world, they are just doing their job. But I think this may be because I very rarely (in fact I cannot think of any incident from the top of my head) where I have encountered any racism. Some people find this very hard to believe. Maybe I'm oblivious to it. Or maybe its because my personality, actions, manner is both versatile and considerate to those of all cultures so I am accepted more widely. Whatever it is, I still find this story interesting. Just to recap the story, Toni was thrown out of a Sheffield nightclub for being drunk and disorderly. When she was outside she damaged someones car in the carpark, whereupon the police were called and one of them punched her "as hard as I was physically able with my fists". This is the line that made me wince. the thought of a policeman, tall, fit and strong, punching a woman as hard as he could makes me feel a little bit sick. As hard as he could!? WTF? She was 19! Even at her strongest, he would be stronger, physically. She also had an epileptic fit and was punched into unconsciousness. Then her trousers fell to her ankles and she was dragged along the carpark into a riot van, with her legs exposed...This all happened last summer but only came to light recently due to The Guardian newspaper getting their hands on the CCTV footage (Freedom of Information Act perhaps?!)

Anyway, this has led to another article in the G2 today about policemen using unnecessary brute force on female ethnic minorties. Two women have actually died in the past which is downright outraegeous. Its a really well informed and written article and continues to discuss the attitude of policemen towards female victims of crime concerning domestic abuse, rape etc.

The only bit that let the article down was the inclusion of Hannah Pool's, The Guardian's resident black girl, opinion on the subject. I find that more often than not, I don't agree with her opinions. (She wrote an article on British Black Music for the Weekend a few months ago which me and Alex thought was terrible, I mean the writing wasn't shit, but just the approach to the subject) Fair enough, everyone is allowed their opinion, but when she makes comments like "I have no problem stopping and asking a male police officer for directions, but I am self-conscious when I do so. And while I do not think that every police officer is a racist, if I am honest I tend to assume that they are. I am completely baffled why any black person would want to join the service. I know that while officers may find me less threatening than a black male, they would have no problem throwing a few punches my way and jotting down in their notebook that I was being an "over-aggressive black woman". In short, I expect nothing from the police." I get really irritated. This is a frankly ridiculous discrimination of the thousands of police officers who are there to serve the community. And a slap in the face to my brother who, being a male with darker skin than I, has experienced a lot of racism yet still decided to serve his country and join the army. Her comments irk me, especially when its under the headline of "A Black woman's perspective" Oh please. Hannah should keep writing about beauty and leave her one sided view of Black British culture at home. After reading quite a bit of her work to make an informed decision, I do not think she is representative of average black Britons and they should hire someone more diplomatic. She reminds me of my semi-racist mother...

Anyway, please check the articles I've posted above if you haven't had a chance to pick up the Guardian today. They are all really important to female culture today. (There is also an article on feminism in the Women section). Knowledge is Power...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Check this pic, I had the same idea when i saw these Frankensteins... I love this girl... 


Remember when you were a kid and everyone at school was wearing Kick-Hi Kickers with the tags flapping outta the laces at the front? And your Mom wouldn't let you have any because she said they were expensive (£80) and that you would grow out of them in a year....Remember when you cried your eyes out at the disgusting platforms she got you instead? No.....? Just me then yeah? Well now Kickers are back!!! ....Better colours and styles than ever! They got gold, silver, patent and the good old leather ones...I got black patent...Ooooh la la!! I LOVE EM!!! Sometimes I look down at my feet and they remind me of toddler shoes but thats what i like...Bring back youth!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Seems like some boys love WAH girls so much that they decide to create a tee for girls like us! Check out this tee by graffiti artist Frame. It takes the classic 80s iconograhy of the nail salon with the addition of some lovely gold foil print! But em directly from him via his Myspace. Comes in a bag with some free glue-on nails! Fiyah!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hmmmm, lets take a looksie at some of my fave shows from A/W 07/08....

Just when you thought that he couldn't possibly come up with something new, Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga stuns me with these Meccano, playground, armour plate inspired shoes...Oh Lordie!!

Burberry was prob my favourite show this season. Luxe, beautiful, sexy and cool....

My three (well four as Sinha-Stanic are a duo) favourite LONDON designers always make tight, clinging sexxxy dresses, which i love, totally 90s...

Marios Schwab...always lots of shape and cut-outs...and tight obviously

Christopher Kane, man of the moment, again more sexxxy tightness. la la!!

Hussein Chalayan - Back with a vengance, making beautiful cool dresses...

Amazing Prada coat...

Friday, March 02, 2007


SORRY FOR LACK OF UPDATES...I have been suuuuuuuper busy! Lemme satisfy you for a lil while with Fergie's new video. I really don't wanna like Fergie. She's got the face of a whore, she used to be a crackhead and she is not the most amazing singer. However this new song and video is my latest guilty pleasure...Must...hate...Fergie...finding!?!?!!?