Friday, June 29, 2007

uhhh's another one!

Hey ladies and possibly gents?....I just wanted to drop in an say sorry for the lateness (internet can be such a bitch!), but much respect to miss Sharma for inviting me to the main blogspot to be @! You're onto great things badgyal, big ups on your 1st...I hope you're getting some playtime now to.x

Intros- I'm Niranjela (think Anjela with a NIR before), I reside in rainy ol' LONDON, and I'm into all things creative, positive and beautiful....and I usually have something to say on things that are not.
I'm studying Fashion part time at the London College of Fashion, but i've just handed in my work and summer is ON for the next 3 months! woo hoo!
However, you can't play without working :( I'm part-time at a small trainer boutique-
Foot Patrol LDN, so you know ima be blogging bout sneaks or LACK OF IN SMALL SIZES!!! (among other things)

I hope you girls enjoy reading or at least find it slightly interesting and it would be great to hear what y'all think.

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much love

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