Sunday, September 23, 2007


Let's for one moment flashback to the MTV Europe last year pleasethankyou. It's going to have to be a mental picture as Mr West's PRs have done a fantabulous job of destroyig the evidence and as such there's no youtube vid. WOWEEZY.

That Kanye West threw a HUUUGE hissyfit over Justice pipping him to the post for the best video award. NE'ER have I cringed so much. Those 7-years of netball at my at my jolly hockeysticks all-girls school taught me to prize Sportsman(woman?)ship above errthing else in the game. As I result, Yae's outburst offended deep-rooted sensibilities within me. 'Slew Wastemen', I thought. But I still like him because he's got a genius IQ or something and seems like someone who I might've been friends with because he laughs at his own jokes in that way that geeks always do.


So Yae's back with a new video for new track Good Life with our large and shiny lipped 'please keep your sunglasses on' friend, T-Pain. I actually really like it but guess who he's roped in to direct the video??? Jonas & Fran├žois with animation by So Me. Black & White Kanye and T-Pain, lots of pretty colourful illustration/animation. So far, so steezy.


Wait a minute. These 3 guys are the same trio who directed said Justice's last video, D.A.N.C.E. And what a triumph it was. Scurred of being pipped to the post again, or an oppurtunity for another bit of PR afterall, they say all publicity is good publicity. It's the old adage - if you can't beat em, join em. It's the ONE video where I don't find T-Pain gross. An achievement in itself. And I don't have to cover my 10 year old brother's eyes to watch it.

Give the man a trophy already

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