Saturday, September 15, 2007


I came prepared for a night of wild style
So did my ladies Anne-Marie and Amy It was Breakin Bread's 9th birthday
Charlie Chase, original Cold Crush Brother, steps up
And is joined by Prince Whipper Whip, Cold Crush Brothers and then Fantastic Five. Know your hip-hop history!

Nuff b-boys and b-girls in the house...

...including Spin (La Familia)

...and Mouse (Soul Mavericks and UK B-Boy champ)

Their crews battled on the night. Soul Mavericks won.
Prince Whipper Whip kept the crowd entertained.

They showed clips up on the screen from
...which was wicked.

Remember: if you got funk, you got style...

Happy feet
Yes, yes, y'all...that's my name...don't wear it out!

Big ups to the Breakin Bread crew for putting on a wicked night...and happy birthday! x

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