Sunday, November 11, 2007


I headed down for the launch of Livin' Proof and Phoebe's birthday celebrations..luckily by the time i got there, it was already starting to warm up..DJ Crossover started off setting the tone for what was yet to come...which was an extremely large mosh pit which i always seem to find myself in the middle of...DJ Snips/Mr thing played some bangers as per usual and its fair to say that the night was a SUCESS! The next Livin' Proof is a special one off on FRIDAY 23rd NOVEMBER ( after that it will be at market place on the 2nd sat of each month). Be there or be there. Congratulations to Livin Proof for their launch party, to Phoebe for making it to the big 2-0 and to me for getting a new job.

my face isn't on my chest Charlie.

The Birthday Girl.

A rare apperance from my girl Lotis.

The retard crew was in full effect.

Kash rules everything around me. (shameful pun!)

After that we headed to some private party in Hoxton. The bodyguard was a tosser, loadsa fucked up anorexic girls poking me with their spines, Miquita Oliver got booed off the DJ booth, minor celebrities snorting other words a big wank of an event.

Good nite.


SHAR WAH! said...

i know what party you on about? there was a barlhead black girl on the door, right? in a white fur coat? that party looked wack..

Matthew Schnickens said...

I didn't look as porcelain as normal.. Still strangely shiny, but it's an improvement. Congrats on the job and I think your photography is getting better.

Shan Phearon said...

good shot, minus greasy breh's side-profile to the left of his majesty.

i will buy you haggis.

P.S. allow your shizer after-party; the real after-party was with me + gang. ask Matt. foolish It Girls.

josephine said...

nah the real after party was in stepney green, right shar?!!!