Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I stole this video from my friend's bulletin because I thought it was fuckin' hilarious in a very offensive/awkward kind of way.

Does anyone find it weird seeing the little girls doing their ballerina-hop to "superman that ho!" and then all of a sudden the little boy with the dirty blonde hair just started shaking what his momma gave him so violently that it looks like he's gonna dislocate his shoulders?

At the dance studio that my bestfriend teaches at you can't even play songs with the word "shit" on it and these kids got to superman that HO! Okay... I'll get over this whole Soulja Boy thing now!

By the way... got an exciting email lastnight about Sharmadean coming to LA next month. I miss that little British voice of hers. Too bad we only have two days to hang out before I leave to Thailand for two weeks but we'll make it happen. WAH will be reporting from out here soon and then to NY etc etc. LOOKIN' FORWARD TO IT.... CHEERS!

I'm out, Ciao!

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joe said...

if you're going thailand, you've got to hit route66 @ rca