Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sorry sorry shameless pun! The Ball Out series from ALIFE has been updated with two new colourways of Victory Black and Hot Pink and they have just recently been added to the online store. "The Ball Out" is an ALIFE/Reebok Court Victory Pump, fabricated by hand entirely out of tennis ball felt. The series has had quite a following from It's first release with the neon tennis ball green to the later colourways of orange and white. Now, I'm not a fan of pink -I only like the colour in small doses and I feel that the hot pink ones are a bit of an overload- but I adore the victory black. I'm into chunky sneakers at the moment such as Nike Air flight 89s, Jordans (3,4,5 and Spiz'ike), Air Force Max B, Air Force 180 premiums..the list can go on but I think you can tell that the majority of my trainers are from Nike and I tend not to buy from other brands nowadays. So I'm very impressed by the ALIFE/Reebok court victory pump, so much so that I'm considering buying a pair...they may be 200 US dollars but that's only 100 pounds!

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josephine said...

it's all about the winter warmers with regards to footwear and the black ones look mighty appealing in that respect.