Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So once again, I'm going to LA!!!!!! yeah homies! I'm very excited about my Dec/Jan. Regular readers of the blog will remember how I was meant to spend Xmas alone etc, but it never happens! This year I have no idea WHERE I'm gonna be spending Xmas and NYE or where I'm staying or who I'm hanging with and for someone who has to co-ordinate diary and phone every 5 mins, that liberating!

So here's my itinerary:

Dec 14th - Land in LA

Jan 8th - Fly from NY home

and between: I have no idea!

I probably wanna get to NY for Xmas as it'd be more "magical" (AKA consumerism in full effect) and I also might visit San Francisco and Seattle in between.

If you're about - hit me up! Email me and I'll come visit!

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