Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hello peoples! Sorry about the lack of updates but clearly I am allowed a break at Xmas. A quick recap as to what has been going on...I secretly knew it would be the case but I DID NOT SPEND XMAS ALONE!

Alex came over and we had a wicked xmas at my house. My dinner was appalling because my oven is shit and there were NO good films on, but we had fun. Then we went back to the Midlands on a horrendous coach journey because there were no trains and saw his family. We played every new board game out and ate loads and loas. Then I saw my family and gave my lil sisters loadsa pressies and then we came back to London and it was all good. Not a single argument in 5 days! For anyone who knows how me and Alex roll, that was astounding.

Now I'm back in London and i'm still writing my thesis (its on contemporary menswear styling and Fascist imagery) and its doing my head in. I can't concentrate on it because my mind keeps wandering to all these other projects i'm working on. Like i literally can't even find room in my brain for my thesis! However i'm using my other projects as a reward, so when i've done a thousand words, i'll take a break and work on something else. Its gonna be in on January 10th, so barring NYE, i'm outta action until then. If you don't see me or hear from me, its not because i've eloped to the Seychelles with my postman, its because i'm writing this bloody essay. January 10th guys, then i'm getting fuuuuucked!!

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