Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm gonna be spending Xmas alone this year. Don't feel sorry for me, its purely through choice. I don't wanna go to my Mom's house because we will argue and her Xmas dinner won't be as good as mine. I don't wanna go to my Nan's house because its weird since my Grandad died, and I don't wanna spend it with my ex because this would be the 3/4th Xmas where we spend it together without officially going out, and I can't deal with pretending to be happy with that when I am not. So, I'm gonna be in my nice, warm, comfortable house, with all my Marks and Spencers food, and my DVDs and love it. I'm also gonna do some dinner for the concierge in my building as he is spending Xmas at the front desk. I'm actually quite excited about the prospect. I have bought myself a new dressing gown, slippers and pyjama's to wear all day, I'll keep my phone switched on, in case something happens to me, and i got plenty of reading to be doing. I'm also gonna buy the Guide on Saturday and circle all the 80s films they always show that I wanna see. It sounds very sad, but really I am surrounded by people and friends all day, everyday. I'm gonna use this time for myself to reflect and plan 2007. Its gonna be great!

don't worry Macaulay, its not THAT scary!!

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