Friday, December 15, 2006


I looooove wearing sneakers, I can stomp around soho and walk/run really fast, I can bring an OTT outfit down with em, and I can show off with my lastest hype purchases...however my DNA is all woman and ingrained in that DNA is a love of heels. I'm a Gemini so i've always been a person of extremes, so if im not wearing sneakers or flat flip flops, i'm in the highest, chunkiest heels you can imagine. The kind that causes short ex's to ask me kindly to take them off. One of the perks of my job is seeing all the collections in the flesh before they are in the shops to "oooooo" and "ahhhh" and their amazingness. The one collection that stood out to me was the Versace s/s 07 (see below). It was so damn beautiful and the SHOESSSSSSS oh my dayssss, they blew my mind. That is ONE thing i'm gonna blow some money next year. I've added a few other shoes that are tickling my fancy so you get the picture. I like em HIGH, preferably with STRAPS, and a PLATFORM or WEDGE, so i can wear em with spray on jeans and a puffa jacket and wobble around on them like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver....





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Martin said...

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