Friday, October 26, 2007


So earlier last week I posted the flyer for the Permanent 2 tattoo artshow at Versus gallery/store, now the pictures finally came in so I'm putting them up for those who weren't there. I know our readers are worldwide and it's a little expensive to fly to Cali on a regular basis. Just a little. So here's some photos of the show. Great turn out!

I apologize if I don't have all the names of the artists down on the canvas pictures. I'll try my best.

Coolest baby ever. Check out his Permanent shirt and his little tattoo.

Mike Giant (Rebel 8)

Maxx 242
Love me some English Bulldog
Frankie and Meagan are the cutest couple around town. Selected by ME.

Nate Esteras.

Well hmm.. this girl was drunk as hell while she was getting inked.

Clive. enough said.

Luke Wessman of Miami Ink and Lucky's Tattoo Parlor.

The Gaslamp Killer. The moment I discovered that he actually spins shit like Clipse and possibly likes Birdman.

Free the Robots!
Jodi, Rick MSK, and Menso One. Rick is supposedly the oldest graffiti writer alive. I believe that he's 77. The Gangster as fuck version of Albus Dumbledore.


Nate again with the first girl I spotted getting a Versus tattoo.


Mike Diamond.

Spray can art.

Luke once again.
"We come in peace but we ready for war."

Me triple-fisting. Two bottles and a beer.


WARNING: Tattoo's are like drugs. That shit is crack cocaine. I got the itch after the show to get my arm done asap but will wait until January and get a real piece. Stop it already with the .000004 millimeters size heart above your pubes or a butterfly above your ass crack. It'll look like a pink mole or a colorful birthmark when you're 68.

I'm out of here. Ciao!


bisola said...

I love your hair, is it strange to ask what product you use because i'm trying to embrace my curly hair and stop flat ironing.

also, that lil boy's tattoo is fake, right?

DIANNE said...

i used to HATE my curly hair back then when i didn't know exactly what to do with it and it looked like one big mess. and then god shone the light on me when i walked into the beauty store and found CATWALK by Tigi. it's called CURLS ROCK, curl amplifier.

there's a trick to it though. listen carefully because many attempted to use it and it didn't go too well. you should put in the cream when your hair is pretty wet. wetter than the regular towel-dried hair. rub on your fingers and put it on your hair starting from the tips first and to the roots. make sure you don't break your curls. like... don't comb your hair with your finger. and let it air-dry. no blow dryer, trust me! you don't wanna look like a big ball of frizz. if you want more volume then you're allowed to blow dry it with the diffuser at the roots only. don't touch the tips because the tips should gather your curls naturally. hope that helps!

and yes the little boys tattoo is fake. haha.

josephine said...

ah, dianne...i can tell from your passionately detailed explanation that you've gone through a LOT of trial and error to get to that point where you finally feel you know and understand your hair's personality. i know this because i have spent the last six years on the same journey. there is one product that i cannot live without and that is herbal essences. when they changed the pink conditioner bottle slighty (it was very slight, but i knew!!!) i freaked out and went to loads of corner shops trying to buy up the old stock. it's deep.

my hair has to be wet/very damp to take product efficiently too. it has to air dry too (although my latest development is plaiting it and leaving it to dry overnight)and when my hair is dry, if you try and run your fingers through it, i will kill you.

SHAR WAH! said...

your hair has grown long! i had mine cut short i hate it! im coming back to LA in dec!!!! cant wait to see ya!!! xxx

MAX said...

That's an amazing camera! Love the fish lense!

Great inkworks.

K said...

Thanks for the tip Dianne:)