Saturday, September 08, 2007


...I went to The Doctor's Orders event at Herbal.T'was LiveO!! Everyone was dancing their big or (little) butts off. I was a hot mess from the jump as i had been drinking asbo/tearaway style by drinking vodka and orange juice in a tropicana bottle..ahh i make my mother so proud!

The WAH ladies..minus me..coz i'm taking the picture

T Magic and his fam ( i will get a picture of his face, mark my words!)

work it gurrrl!

Marcus all up in my cameras grill.

I give the best birthday presents. Ever. ( Happy Birthday Porcelain Man!)

The crowd getting crunk.

Grace getting crunk.

A quarter of T Magic's face..

Marcus rocking my beret better than I can ever hope to. (picture taken by Matthew Schnickens)

"A picture says a thousand words"..and this one says the night was sick!!

Until next time my lovelys



SHAR WAH! said...

why does my chin look so big!?!

josephine said...

haha...why does my FACE look so big?

oh, that'll be the maryland cookies then.