Sunday, September 09, 2007


Multi-talented graffiti artist hailing from good ol’ London Town.
I know this blog is usually about women and the amazing things they do….but this guy makes like reeeally pretty jewellery n stuff, oh my gooosh, I just like HAD to blog it!

“As a graffiti artist, Daisuke feels strongly about the concept of identity and believes that the streets are a public catwalk, every time you are on them, they invite you to display your work and give you the opportunity to show others your style. This philosophy, together with a BA (hons) Degree from Central Saint Martins College in Jewellery Design, allows Daisuke to use his experiences in creating jewellery pieces unlike any other.”

For the Nike Air Force 1 25th anniversary he was commissioned to make a limited collection of 25 pendants. Each pendant is individual and unique with Daisuke’s interpretation of the AF1 sole lazered and acid etched onto the front, the back is hallmarked certifying the silver quality as 925 and each one is umbered 1-25.

Each pendant was sold with a 925 sterling silver chain and when the pendants are put together they form the magical number……yep, yep… 25! This is when all the mystical powers of the Air Force 1 are unleashed! (ok I made that last bit up…but it sounds good tho dunnit!)
These pendants were on display at Dover Street Market when they had their big 25th Anniversary display.

Daisuke has also worked on Antique furniture by "Burke & Hazelden" for the “Second Time Round, ReThink-ReUse-ReCreate” exhibition, which took place in London last month. He basically re-worked some old pieces making them stylish and unique enough for the 21st century home, or wherever you please.

Two of my favourite tee’s of the year….
Daisuke collaborated with Lucia Helenka to produce these tee’s featuring artwork based on the late greats Jean-Micheal Basquiat and Frida Kahlo.

“Daisuke Sakaguchi’s latest collection is now available in London and Tokyo. It includes signet rings, bracelets and pendants as well as more unique pieces such as sneaker tags, hoody tags and phone straps. He has also showcased his work in exhibitions such as Sian Evans Studio, Bond International and The British Arts Medal Society, where he was awarded an “Honorary Mention Award”.

So, if you like what you see, look out for this name, it’s gonna be BIG!

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Mz.Matic said...

great post! i came across this dude's website a while back, and when i saw his work obviously it was love at first sight - dopeness!