Monday, August 27, 2007


SHARMADEAN... Me and Jasper are missing you.

We've been thinking about you so much our head grew.

I paid visit to the boys at the Rogue Status office/store over in Venice (California) the other day and we had some Thai-iced tea which reminded me of the good ol' days when Sharmadean visited us in LA.

WELL... I think I'm gonna do some RECAP!

The Hundreds with me, Craig (Addict), and Jasper (Rogue Status)

Infamous Rosewood and Fairfax.

SHARMA... Who the hell was that hotness again?!

Here he comes..Supremeeee.
Craig, Jasper, Sharma, Oakstatus. Drunk.

Good times. Besides all the driving and traffic.

On the last note... Last time I stopped by Fairfax I actually ran into this boy in the Supreme catalogue that Sharma was going crazy over in a post from last November. Click here for the post. Totally forgot his name but he's a little shorty with blue eyes and a girlfriend around his arms. Oh well! Eye-candy?



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SHAR WAH! said...

DANG! I never DID find out who that boy was....