Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who's right and wrong?

Hello Ladies. I've been absent from WAH for quite a minute now and once I got back on, I've noticed the "HURT YOU MORE" blog and the arguments going on within the comments. I just wanna express some quick views on it if you guys don't mind.

Every man and woman have the rights for their opinion and whatever they choose to express. Its called Freedom of Speech. Especially in this whole blogging community, that's what its all about. Your opinion, your views on culture, art, music, etc and the list goes on but this one happens to crash because it comes down to men versus women. This topic has always been an issue since day one and all I'm saying is that men and women simply cannot exist or reproduce without one another so RESPECT for each other is extremely important in order for us to CO-EXIST. That's what it really comes down to in every issue whether it is religion, racism, or sex. It's sad so see people that are narrow-minded but about certain things but it happens and continually attacking each other back and forth doesn't make any moves for anyone. Not everybody is going to like what you do and agree with everything you say but what's the beauty of it if everyone's nodding their head to the same damn thing? What are we, robots?

I'm a little bummed out about what's written on HYB and how it categorizes women and our roles but lets not categorize all male graffiti writers in the same bucket. I know ones thats got an enormous amount of love respect for women (even in their art) and they are also very respectable people themselves.

I didn't mean to bring this topic up and stir things up again but I felt the need to make things clear and make an understanding that WAH isn't on some super girl-power bitches wanting to conquer the world and deciding which sex is more powerful than the other or who's suppose to do what. We're simply here to give something back to the girls within a culture where women were overlooked for a quite a long time. No harm intended.

I'll leave it off as that.
More posts to come.


p.s. On a lighter note... Who doesn't like shoes? and who doesn't like seeing their lady in some nice classy heels here and there? oh yeah by the way... the boys love sneakers more than we love Christian Louboutin pumps! <3


thegingerprince said...

Finally some normality! Thank you! I don't know if my opinion is wanted but I thought that as I started this I ought to try and close it now.
Pretty much every post I put on HYB is bollocks. Misquoting what is quite a seminal feminist essay I thought might be a clue, although to be honest I didn't think anyone would give a second thought about any of it. Obviously it's easy for me to say this now, but I am suprised that any of it was taken seriously. The only opinion I have about you guys (no pun intended) is I find it a bit weird that you would define yourselves (at least in terms of this website) in relation to a negative. As presumably no-one is calling you Hoes it seems odd to bring it up. But then that's not really any of my business...
Going back to HYB, most of what I say on there is an act, like graffiti in general; you make up a persona, do things with it (mostly negative) and people like, hate or are indifferent to the result. Feel free to hate what I write or me but the two are very separate.
Oh yeah and most male writers I know aren't misogynist pigs at all, but that R-Two WSR crew is so watch out.
And that stilletto's OK too I suppose ;)
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DIANNE said...

Finally! PEACE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. You're welcome mr. gingerprince.

Anonymous said...

gingerprincew, u crack me up. peace in the middle east xxx

shar wah

josephine said...