Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh lordie! Where do I start?! Thailand was fucking amaaaaaaaaaazing!!!! I dont have my cam wuth me now so you'll have to wait a while before you get some pics but I had the BESTEST time! It started off a bits hit because we flew with fucking AIR India and if you think Jamaicans are bad, Indians are worse! (I'm half of both so hopefully I'll just get the good traits!) The whole journey from my house to my hotel took about 35 hours and we were all pretty fucked off at the start. But as soona s we landed in Bangkok things started looking up. For starters the airport is out of this world. The most modern, immaculate airport/station I have been to. It pisses all over the Jubillee line stations. then we got some cool pink bus, was handed out jasmine flowers and beers and realised we were gonna be treated like this the whole time! Things started looking up!

It was great to see Josh Rubins and BJ Betts, our American friends and new friends Dave Ortiz and Chris Keeffe from DQM. Plus all the usual London-bound suspects who are practially like my brothers or something. Out of about 50 blokes there were only 4 of us girls...Amazing G, Kat and Vicky represented for the ladies....

Hotel was siiiiick, if you bough an apartment like that in London it would cost you probably close to a cool Million, is was that cope. We got there at midnight and everyone was ready to party straight away but everything shuts early in the city so we al partied in Russ's room til like 5am when the hotel staff told us to break it up. I was FUCKED! Hella drunk n lean, it was a great start to the week!

The next day we had a look around. I actually forgot what I did now....Oh yeh., we went to Chatuchak (sp?!) market and bought some shit for CHEAP! WE GOT IT FOR CHEAP! Thai baht is like ridiculouslly good rates to the ppund at the moment so we were living stoopid large! Then in the evening most of the group went to Route 66 club at the RCA (the rest went to check out the "night sites") and it was soooooo much fun. I knew the music was gonna be cheesy but hell, at least it was hip hop cheesy! the played most southern hip hop and New Yawk shit. It was an amazing club, heaving with people (abput 3000?!) with several rooms, mammouth TV screens with the msuic videos for sogs synched to it....We all went nuts dancing on the patio getting crazy drunk because the prices were so cheap. And then when we left all the kids tried to sell us roses, i was so sad, nearly started crying and I gave em loads of money....

Sunday was the day of the CROOKED TONGUES ANNUAL BBQ and I think I have to say it was one of the best parties i have ever been to!!! It felt like an MTV party or something! there was food and drink on tap, I've never seen so much food!!!! The music was om point. Props to Sarah Love and Teens of Thailand for tearing up the dancefloor in the evening!!!! Halfway through the event all of a sudden about 30 thai chicks dressed like hip hop honeys come ut and start dancing wildly to Rick James, I was AMAZED, it was so prefectly timed, so brilliant! I was so happy to be part of the whole thing. U-DOX ROCKS!!!

On Monday I needed to keep it chill so me, Josh and Chris went to Thai boxing and it was my favourite extra curricular sightseeing thing about the whole trip. The boxers are genius. they are so spiritual, the way they warm up, and pray and they do a cute little dance before they beat each other to death. I imagined it to be like the ad for those sweets where the white guy picks a sweet and says COFFEE! but it wasn't so run down. It was just run down enough... After a few fights we were joined by BJ, Elsey and Dave and Jeed (one of our lovely Thai hosts) and Dave shit his pants and started screaming when a huge rat was just running around the chairs like he owned the damn place! Hahaha

Tuesday night was our last night and my body was getting mad at me for drinking and smoking every single night so I took a breather all day. The combination of dirt, heat, sweat and alcohol meant I broke out in a ton of spots so i went to the sauna in the hotel and just rested by the pool. Towards the end of the evening we all sorta gathered together for a goodbye. It was all very emotional. I chatted, sightseed (is that a word?!) danced my ass off, kissed, drank, smoke, partied HARD and just had a fantastic time. The lowest point was the flights and walking into a glass door HARD and getting a bruise on my head but other than that I wanna say thankkkkkkkks to Russ for an amazing time!



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