Thursday, August 23, 2007

NO FOPP IN LONDON!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?!?

OH DEAR! I just got emailed this official release about Fopp stores reopening but not in London. I'm GUTTED! Since Fopp shut down my movie collection has completely plateaued! I am especially fucked off about this because I know those cunts who run Covent Garden retail just want more shitty tourist fashion stores. I was walking down Neal Street today and saw ANOTHER one of those crappy Indian Sari's made into dresses stores, and now I get to work and read THIS!? OH THE TRAVESTY!!

As expected, Fopp stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Cambridge will re-open this weekend, albeit now under the ownership of HMV, who bought the rights to the Fopp brand and those five shops from the administrators overseeing the former independent music chain's liquidation.
But, and here's the thing, there will not be a Fopp in London, despite HMV hoping to reopen the Covent Garden store.

Confirming as much, Music Week quote an HMV spokesperson thus: "Regrettably, and despite our very best efforts, we have not been able to persuade the landlords of the former Fopp site in Earlham Street, Covent Garden, to allow us to take on its lease and to re-open it, as we had hoped. The landlords appear to have very definite plans of their own for the site, which we understand are fashion-based. We have no immediate plans to acquire or open any other Fopp sites, but we will, obviously, consider any viable opportunities that are presented in future".


josephine said...

oh no! i was well excited about them coming back to covent garden as well :(

Anonymous said...

Covent Garden fopp is now go! It will be re opening in around 2 weeks, for all your aural pleasure requirements!