Saturday, August 18, 2007


Does anyone remember Penny Crayon?

She was this cartoon schoolgirl who went around town bombing the place out with her cool graffiti. But it was graffiti with a catch: whatever she drew actually came to life. So, when she wanted to travel in style, she didn't jump on the tube, she draw a Porsche. When she wanted to shook up some pervy paedophile that was stalking her, she didn't draw for her blade, she drew a lion to tear that motherfucker up.

I've often wished I was Penny Crayon but the one thing I also always wondered was whether you had to be good at drawing for it to work. I can't draw that well, so if I wanted to summon up a lion, it'd probably turn out looking really fucked up, like with one eye bigger than the other, and no nose and shit.

I'm sure you guys think about this all the time too, so I found a website that teaches you how to draw animals properly. You know, in case Penny dies and leaves her powers to you in her will. Now you'll be able to draw cats, crabs and bison to your heart's content! You'll even be able to draw rabbits. But if you want rabbits of the electronic variety, you'll still have to pop into your local Ann Summers I'm afraid.

I bid you adieu and wish you all the luck of the draw!

Josephine xxx

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SHAR WAH! said...

PENNY CRAYON WAS THE SHIT!! I love that show