Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So I'm going to Thailand tomorrow with U-Dox, (my new employers!!) for the Crooked TonguesAnnual Barbeque!!! In the past the BBQs have been dooope! (Suicide girls serving vodka from a huge Adidas ice sculpture is probably my favourite memory...) but normally they've just been somewhere in Old St. However this year, due to a romantic liason with our boss and a cute Thai chick, the barbeque is in Bangkok and its shaping up to be an unforgettable event. As regular readers to the blog will know, my first ever plane ride ever was only in January this year so check me out!!! (For the record I've been to: Barcelona, LA, Florence, Frankfurt, and Ibiza this year!!!) But this is one plane ride I AIN"T looking forward to! We're flying on Air India which is meant to the Worst Airline In The World (check out the horror stories here! So we have a 16 hour flight to Bombay, where we have to wait 8 hours in the airport for our connecting flight and then we fly a further 8 hours to Bangkok. I got a lotta reading time available.... Despite this, we're getting an AMAAAAZING trip to Thailand so i guess I can't complain.

Here is the official blurb....

>>> Having spent the last six years representing for the discerning UK sneaker scene, Crooked Tongues was the first to unify a vast cross-section of connoisseurs, casual fans, fashionistas and brand disciples with a series of events that took our user-base from beyond monitors and shoebox stacks into the real world. From the initial site launch in January 2001 at the Great Eastern Hotel to a series of regular summer events between 2004-06 at East London's Cargo, the location has always been eastern. For 2007, the ante has been upped, by taking the Crooked party experience to a spot that's a little further left - Bangkok, Thailand. And you're invited.

In a city that's home to over seven million, the CT Crew, friends, family and affiliates will be adding to the population between the 17th and 23rd of August, with our legendary CT BBQ taking place from 2pm-1am on Sunday the 19th in the plush confines of 100 Rajdamri, the perfect outdoor/indoor venue for the sneaker event of the year. Expect luxurious themed surroundings, a selection of delicious BBQ food, plus alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages served throughout the day and night. And did we mention the shoes? We've worked with adidas Originals and Nike iD to create a duo of killer limited edition creations exclusively for this BK BBQ, utilising two much-loved silhouettes >>>

Here's a sneak peek of the special Nike ID AF1s...

And the Adidas Superskate!

There's also gonna be special tees for the event!

I'm also hooking up with my classmate Lynn, who was on my degree course. She is from Thailand and when she graduated she moved to Singapore. As luck would have it she's gonna e in Bangkok on those same dates!! So I'm looking forward to seeing her. I'll also be thinking of my LA honey Dianne (WAH Blogger) while I'm out there, as she is Thai too!

Here's what I wanna see/do whem I'm there:

1 - GET MASSAGE AT WAT PO - I'm gonna get several massages a day - no joke!
2 - GO TO A THAI BOXING MATCH - I wanna pretend I'm in a Van Damme movie....
3 - GET MY NAILS DONE - I know its the Vietnamese who are famous for this, but surely the skill has spread?!
4 - VISIT A NIGHT MARKET - And see all the pretty lights and um, live animals in cages...
5 - EAT SOME STREET FOOD - Thai food is my favourite anyway, I eat it almost daily, I'm looking forward to the real deal

If anyone has been before and can think of anything else, lemme know! I'll try and blog daily so you can see what I been up to



DIANNE said...

OHMYGOD. I'm going to send you an email with a list of what to do in Bangkok. You're gonna have a blast. If you go to the right spots at the mall you're gonna see the craziest manicurist in town. The japanese would be intimidated but its probably gonna cost you just as much over there as it is here. Oh, and did i mention Bangkok owns the biggest mall in Asia? OH, and you also have to go to SIAM SQUARE... the Harajuku of Bangkok. I'm going nuts. I'll be there in December this year.

True Pockets said...

Congrats! From your first flight, a few months back- to the Global Grind. Keep doing your thing.Sky's the limit..."We'll just look high and see you in it!"

J dot said...

Daamn im so frickin jealous

you gotta check out RCA : Route 66
my favourite club in the world

check out sneaka villa : siam sq

hope you had a blast

Mz.Matic said...

those shoes are gangsta - esp. the airforces!