Monday, August 13, 2007


Girls love sneakers.Sometimes more than boys. So if you’re in the london area & wanna spend money that you don’t have..but then again that’s what overdrafts are for ; ), all you ladies out there that felt intimidated to go into slammin kicks on carnaby st would be happy to know that they have a FEMALE working in there.yup that’s right. Her name’s phoebe and she happens to be one of the most down to earth/head screwed on girls I have met (and I’ve only jus met her recently so that’s a big impression!)
So on the subject of sneakers…..on Friday I was chilling with the slammin kicks fam (be sure to check out their blog where phoebe is also a resident blogger)

It seemed like we all had a sixth sense about sneaker week coz’ everybody was wearing their fly kicks and old classics, easter edition court forces, claw money blazers, Gucci converses..old battered adidas superstars(reaaally battered lol, I’m joking!), Air Jordan V Grape..the list goes on…here’s some of the pics..

The Power of Three.

Words cannot describe.

Blazers lit up like Christmas lights.court forces looking like the lost magical egg in a nike easter hunt…whilst the superstars looks a lil worse for wear lol

it’s suprising what not eating since noon and drinking can do to you.
(phoebe on the left, optimus prime in human form on the right)


Good Times.


Phoebe said...

Oh good lord- I look absolutely WASTED in that pic! Which might have something to do with the fact that I WAS absolutely wasted in that pic.

Still, at least my Blazers look fresh!
Big up for bloggage, miss. Here's to many more a drunken night!

Anonymous said...

here here!