Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Carnival is my FAVOURITE thing ever!! Any time I even sniff a piece of jerk chicken it reminds me of carnival. So I got my nails done, my hair is fresh, and I'm ready!!! I wore some tight ass American Apparel dress but then put some jeans on when I realised I was asking for trouble. My friend Sean lives near carnival I went to his house first and then went with Sean and Ben (Chaingang) first to the Israeli spot for some breakfast and then down to Aba Shanti to snoke weed and shack out and get my degree at the University of Dub.

Keeping it Kosher!

This is the dude who is always preaching Jesus shit down at Oxford Circus

This is the only time I venture to West London

Nuff rubbish

Nuff Policeman

The car park was full of Porsches and Ferrari's. Look at this dickheads numberplate! We all had to pose by it, obviously

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