Monday, July 16, 2007


Some folk have told me they think I was born into the wrong decade. Sometimes I have to agree - God knows I was too young to appreciate the 80s for the rockin decade that it was. I think I love retro old skool music a bit too much...and I'm really talking old skool! When it comes to Hip Hop, old skool is the best skool for me these days, no doubt.

I bloody love good 'ol NYC Hip Hop (c.1990-1996)! Brooklyn emcee Jeru The Damaja, for me, fully reps that fresh, gully, niceness that was Hip Hop for that time (one of the most noteable eras i think!), so it was all good news to hear that he would be blessing The Jazz Cafe with a gig last night. If you don't yet know his stuff too well I'd highly recommend looking up his material asap, coz he really is da shit!!!

The late Sunday night gig turned out to be really fucking excellent. There was a seriously wicked selection of tunes during the setting up, and the quick warm-up set from Jeru's DJ was even better. Jeru absolutely tore the mic apart for the whole set, which I think ended up nearing 2 hours - the dude definetly still has it! He performed loads of classics, did some great freestyling, and performed bangin new joints (I'm not just saying it, the new joints really are heavy and I'll be coppin them fo' sho'!). Between the jams he even kept the crowd entertained with joke telling, cussin out some of the irritating crowd members Def Comedy Jam style, and talking about his love for practising kung-fu. He even jumped on the decks for a lil' bit at the end of the show. Yep, t'was a great night indeed...I left Camden that night feeling very pleased with myself as I also copped Jeru's autograph in my tatty organiser. I just feel like a loser for not bringing my The Sun Rises In The East vinyl to get that signed instead :-(
Jeru The Damaja's new album is out in October

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Niranjela said...

cooool....if i was in the country i woulda tried to go.
cant wait for the new album! x