Sunday, July 15, 2007


The following ish might be old hat but i thought i'd share nonetheless.

It took me a while to like Beth Ditto. My logic is that anyone that hyped doesn't need my interest so I won't give it to them. Plus I'm not usually that convinced by anyone NME champions: afterall they do take payment for promotion; we all need to live. Then i decided to forget all the cotching w/Kate Moss and wearing spandex etc, she can do what she likes- she's not my sister. I thought about her as an artist (and saw her being very humourous and nice on The Friday Night Prroject) and BLAMMO: i liked her. The Gossip make nice catchy songs that might mean something, they look like they're having a decent time- none of that moaning about the downsides of celebrity unlike some AND most importantly, she has a really nice voice as showcased in this video where she sings a cover of one of my favourite female RnB artists: AALIYAH (RIP).

Nowadays RnB seems to be some kind of dirty word, synonymous w/premiership footballers, particularly that Rio Ferdinand, 'yoof' making up noise w/it on the back of the bus on their tinny mobiles (God help us: you gorra love those 'sound clashes') and orange girls up inna de club perpetuating that 'sexy' dancing hair tossing, funny overly lipglossed pouting, hair extensions provided by russian orphans(human hair prices have gone up- found out in the BSS yesterday) drinking alcopops and probably wearing dressses that were made to be tops teamed w/white stilettos and their G-Star clad boyfriends.

ANYWAY. I don't care. Aaliyah was a don and her songs translate just as well in 2007 when a size-18 white girl from the deep-south who managed to get herself in VOGUE with a badman voice sings 'Are You That Somebody' in a hot and delicious fashion (allow some of the more gratuitous screaming) as they did in 1997. So that makes Beth Ditto a don as well. I think when/if she performs it again she should adopt the A-Typical Aaliyah circa 1995-98 look; as showcased earlier this year in WAH Magazine. Boxers hitched high under baggy trousers/jeans, a crop top and an oversized Tommy Jeans waterproof. Don't forget the stunners for one to peep over in what is to be an alluring fashion. And straight ironed jet black hair is a must. Aaliyah abs optional.The 6th anniversary of her death is coming up on August 25. If I'm working at the shop (Fred Perry's an Aaliyah-free zone more's the pity), I'd quite like to play her greatest hits, but i feel it will require me begging John, my manager w/the beggings of a beggar. Afterall, Aaliyah wore trainers too.

In Conclusion:
Things that are popular can be good as well, yeh? Trailblazers- the both of them.


Beth Ditto


I still like Aaliyah's the best though.

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Mz.Matic said...

hmmmm...VERY interesting stuff!

RIP Babygirl X