Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay so everyone knows I'm going to LA then NY in two weeks and it was welll weird yeah because on Monday I was all up in LA when I went to see muthafucking ICE CUBE at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Then on Tuesday I was all up in NY when i went to see muthafuckin WU TANG CLAN at Shepherds Bush Empire! Wowzaaaaassss two badass gigs in one week!? Ay Carumba!!!

I ain't got the pics of my digi cam yet but check out my outfits - pure LA style for Ice Cube and IceCream girl for Wu!

I was really trying not to smile in this photo so I could look "hard". I was a bit annoyed he only did ONE, yeh ONE, NWA track! WTF? Just to recap - ONE!NWA!WTF?

Then I got my T Shirts made like I said I would. It was super annoying though because every single time I see a Wu member gig they always get girls onstage when they do a girly track but they didnt this time but at the end all these skinny model chicks started doing wack white girl dancing onstage so we climbed up and then the gig was over. WHAT A BLOODY ANTI-CLIMAX!!! I think my friend has a pic of us onstage though so I'll try and post later!

Meth crowd walking - he is soooo fucking sexy!

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