Friday, December 07, 2007


It's's bloody gone! WAH Issue 3 has finally left Sharmadean's fair hands and is winging its way over to you as I type. Personally I have no idea how the girl managed to do the last two on her own; that shit is DRAMA!!! But worth every papercut, every late night, every second spent by the photocopier. It's BIIIIIIIIIIIGGG!!!

You should receive your issue within the next 7 days, wherever you are. If you haven't had your copy by then, please drop an email across to There are very few print copies left, so be really quick. And if you miss the boat, rest assured that you'll be able to download a PDF copy very soon.

I already uploaded some pics a few posts back, but here's some more to give you a tantalising glimpse of what could be dropping on your doorstep any day now! DROP US A COMMENT WHEN YOU GET YOURS!

(p.s. anyone who knows me will be able to tell immediately which feature I wrote!)


the AfroDivas said...

Hey Girls! I was really pleased to gt my copy this morning! Had to read straight away(of course!)
Loves it!! U girls rock, looking forward to the next issue.

Killahbee & Supa Syl said...

Oooh Oh ....
Cant Wait Till
I See It Drop On My Doorstep.