Friday, December 07, 2007


I knowwwww you guys are probably wondering where I've been for a minute and why I haven't been responding to all y'all's emails! i been so damn busy its killing me - no seriously its actually killing me - I've been ill like twice now with flu! I've been a super busy (Queen) Bee since autumn - working with my fave brands doing shit i love, giving my brain an exercise on my Masters degree, as well as partying hard! I'm gonna be in PARIS Mon to Friday styling for Lee jeans so if any WAH girls wants to take me partying, mail me! then i'm in LA Saturday to the following Friday, then I'm in New York til Jan 8th. This is my time to catch up and chill, do some research and give manual labour a break, so please do mail me if you're in the areas!!

Oh - today was really shitty, I cried for 2 hours because I lost my favourite Comme Des Garcon wallet EVER! and all my cash cards and shit...NOT A GOOD LOOK! and while crying my eyes out and jumping a taxi to my friends for some money, the dickhead taxi driver throws me out onto the street IN THE FUCKING RAIN because i can't pay upfront!! What a cock! Luckily I blagged the tube and made it to the office...I was there til 4am last night stapling and bagging WAH. Every copy has gone out in the post now, so provided you sent your address you should receive it with a week or so, if the Xmas post isn't too manic!

Anyway - my point was that I'm back on the blog in full effect documenting the next 4 weeks abroad...
Love ya all...

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urbancamou said...

See you in Paris Sharma!