Sunday, December 09, 2007


So I stumbled on this website during my weekend ritual of procrasinating on blogs (I can't remember a life without the internet..can you?) and It's been providing me with endless entertainment on this dreary wet sunday! It's like QVC/Shopping channel for hipster kids and there are also alot of funny skits/adverts in between. The crew of presenters review products which you can then stash and buy on the site. Perfect when you need to buy christmas presents. I don't know if they do international shipping..but even if they don't it still will provide you with an antidote for when your bored on wet miserable days..i know it has for me!


P.S. Don't sleep on the absence of the "LAST NIGHT" posts. It's not been forgotten or cut. I've just been forgetting my camera when I go out. SOON COME!

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