Monday, December 10, 2007


You'd think that a woman who probably wouldn't get out of bed for less than ten grand would be able to afford a hairdo better than the horrific pieces I see her bussin on America's Next Top Model.

Mind you, she doesn't exactly have much around to inspire her.

How many times has Dionne been told to stop coming into judging with her hair gelled down flat against the side of her face? And why does Natasha's hair look like mine did that time I got my hair straightened at the Turkish hairdresser's round the corner who said they could do black hair but obviously meant black in colour not race which would be the only explanation as to how I ended up with rollers in my hair under the fucking steamer before emerging looking like, well, Natasha from ANTM?

And let's not even talk about this one on the left's barnet.

No, really, let's not. Look at them evils he's throwing at me through the TV!

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GOK said...

Ha he is dishin gout evils he looks like he from wizard of oz x