Monday, December 03, 2007


Man gets twenty-five grand for walking about dressed as Bungle from Rainbow.
Sorry, I meant: Mark Wallinger wins the coveted Turner Prize 2007 for Sleeper - a recording of 10 nights he spent alone in Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie dressed in a bear suit.
It's alright for some, innit?

What's don't know about Rainbow? What???
Check out this bad boy theme tune. I reckon one of James Brown's funky drummers was in the house.

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dommy said...

At the risk of pedantry, Wallinger actually won the Turner Prize for "State Britain", "a meticulous recreation of a 40 metre long display which had originally been situated around peace campaigner Brian Haw's protest outside the Houses of Parliament against policies towards Iraq.

The original display consisted of donations from the public, including paintings, banners and toys. This had been confiscated by the police under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Wallinger employed 15 people for 6 months and spent £90,000 to recreate it.

He also put a black line on the floor of the Tate and through the middle of his exhibit to mark part of a 1 kilometre radius from Parliament. He stated that this marked the protest "exclusion zone", thereby making half the show in violation of the law."

Much better than walking around in a bear suit.