Tuesday, October 02, 2007


so after much delibaration with me, myself and i, I have decided to turn my "last night" blogs into an actually series..it was kinda leaning towards that anyway so it actually a natural progression... and with the natural progression into the series which is "LAST NIGHT" I have TWO nights worth of pictures! yes!! all you have ever hoped to have dreamed of..ANYWAY!! this saturday gone i went to Gullyver at Plastic People..T'was very good I drank, danced, sorted out my blackberry messenger with sharma, danced some more..anyway here are the pics...didn't take much because i was too busy shaking my bootayy

DJ A-cyde & MK

No paps please.

The Crowd.

Second Night...Last night i went to see Slum Village at Jazz CAfe and i thoroughly enjoyed myself..Phat Kat KILLED IT.Elzhi and T3 followed up amazingly..I was throughly impressed even though i knew it was gona be the bomb diggity anyway!

this lady scared me. and those red eyes weren't my cameras doing either.

Until next time


Anonymous said...

Add me on your blackberry...

Mz.Matic said...

went to see slum village that night too! i really enjoyed the gig, especially when they went into "players"...gotta love the slum!
(r.i.p j dilla)

SHAR WAH! said...

ya i think you are our resident PAP

Anonymous said...

How can you take a picture of the woman without her kowing and put it on your blog so people can laugh at her??. looks like she was just enjoying herself. thats wicked, just because you are pretty girls you dont need to take the piss out of people who are not as good looking as you.
Thats just mean