Sunday, October 14, 2007


"LAST NIGHT" was the farewell party for Slammin Kicks and Deal Real...It was sad yet eventful..had a fantastic time and it's fair to say now carnaby street will now truly be a piece of poo poo without these two great shops...The "after-party" was at Tinsletown, where we were hustled in through the back door and the kitchen like a scene from Goodfellas! "coz we BALLIN!" haha!!

The Following.

"Is she bunning a zoot or a roll-up?" i hear you say..

Alas it was a zoot! Although she tried telling me in her thick spanish accent it was just straight tobacco.Which i didn't believe.Because her accent made her sound like she was stoned.

Marcus & Pear...the cute couple..*vomits* : D

what was CUTER though was Pear's shoe size..her man's hand was bigger than her foot!

Charlie & company..Plus the modern-day Jesus?

Old versus New.

DJ Snips with a killer (short but sweet) set.

"After-Party" Shennanigans..sorry the pics are kinda blurry..our identities are classified you see.

Didn't take any of inside was too busy eating..except a pic of Phoebe getting pranked (we pretended it was her birthday)..

the pic is pretty shit but that's what you get for trying to multi-task! (I think i was attempting to put ketchup on my chips at the same time)

Until next time my lovelys..


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