Friday, July 06, 2007


People! I can honestly say that last night was the best experience of my life to date - on the real.

About 3 months back when I first heard that Wu Tang were coming to town for one night only, I copped my ticket instantly. Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a serious fan of The mind was filled with thoughs of the concert pretty much every other day leading up to it (no joke)!!
I rolled down to Hammersmith that night in excellent company - the only girl in a crew of my hip hopper homeboys and their friends.
After all the queuing and bar visits, myself, the boys, and probably 99.9% of the crowd were more than pissed off at how long The Wu took to get out on stage - I think it was nearly an hour we waited!! The dry-ass commercial Hip Hop that got left on loop during the waiting time didn't exactly help matters either, and some folk around me were getting kinda irrate.

Once the full (yes, full) Wu Tang Clan stepped out, that was all a distant memory and they more than made up for the wait.

Me and my friends got tickets for the standing stalls, so we were lucky enough to be able to see The Wu right in front of our eyes. To be honest, already a lot of last night has melted into one massive dream-like memory, but I will never forget the reaction of the crowd when RZA came out first, and every man did a mad rush to the front. They opened with one of my favourite tunes: 'Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'', and I loved when the whole crowd went into a rendition of ODB's verse on that joint.
The whole Wu-Tang were in the nicest vibe, gave soooo much energy and performed pretty much all of their best classics!! The spittin from all members was differently on point (yes, they've still got it!), and they showed mad respect and love for London.
My main highlights were:
- seeing all of The Wu hyped up and tipsy, pouring drinks for fans in the front
- experiencing the whole crowd throwing up their W's and chanting "WU-TANG, WU-TANG" all around me
- the tribute section for one of my all-time favourite emcees ODB
- Method Man stage-diving non stop
- and most of all, getting lifted up through the crowd and getting myself on stage with The Wu (I need to cop that footage off my friends)!!!!!
Overall, all I have to say is that even with getting shoved around in the constant mosh-pitting, getting elbowed in the head, falling on the floor and almost getting crushed to death, breaking my bag, losing one of my Doorknockers, and almost passing out from dehydration numerous times, I still had the most unregretable experiences of a life time.

Definetly the most exciting, amazing, fantastic, frustrating, surreal, filthy, revolting, beautiful, unique experience that will stay with me to my grave.
Wu Tang still ain't nuthing ta fuck wit!!!!!


P.S - If you were there too, holla at me coz I'd love to know how you felt about last night xoxo


chillz said...

yup was der, got dragged to the front cos i went with the guys
almost lost my shoes but the energy was fireeee!!!!
for me method kept it going.
at one point i was helpin holdin up ....the guy was in the crowd more than he was on stage.

big big concert
dont think ill 4get that one

Anonymous said...

yeah it was fresh- the tribute to ODB was definitely the best bit.

But don't u think getting all the girls on stage and laughing at them was just p;ointless humiliation?

Mz.Matic said...

@ chillz:
yep, the energy was definetly fire, and i agree meth held it the most in that respect.

@ 'anonymous':
it's funny coz i didn't fully take all that in until days later. i'm sure every man, including the wu, wanted booty shakin girls on the stage...but that shit weren't gonna happen! i didn't appreciate having water thrown on me by raekwon and being booed out!!! at the time i was on such a high i just didn't give a fuck (as you could tell from my appearance lol) - meth repped it though by giving us girls respect...some shit in hip hop will never change!
i'm still glad i got up there though! i have no regrets :-)