Saturday, July 07, 2007


So yeah, this is Mahelia aka MTC reppin' Amsterdam. Y´all KNOW someone had to do it.How could WAH not be represented by one of the dopest cities on the planet urf ! Right...
I'm 26, a freelance writer for magazines, mother of 4 year old Ahmar, an English Linguistics student at the University of Amsterdam, a skin tigh jeans loving, Reebok 5411 rockin,bamboo earrings wearing,Ben&Jerry's icecream eating, 90's Hiphop bumpin' flygirl from around da way.New York is my second home,i'll be there hangin out from july 11th to august 11th. Big Apple WAH affiliates gimme a holla so we can link up.I'm looking forward to sharing with y' all all things fly and all things Amsterdam.
I have an obsession for magazines from I-D to WAD to Times magazine... i reads it all. MAC transparant lipglass is a musthave and so are vintage sunglasses,pink&red nailpolish,north face jackets and chocolate.Glad to be a part of WAH, one of the illest magazines for bad gyals worldwide.

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