Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've recently recieved the shipment of the Vans x Marc Jacob slip-ons a couple of days ago at our store and I'm not too impressed with this pack because they didn't include any sk8 hi's, chukka's, or era models! (The Rubber-toe eras are made but sold exclusively to the Marc Jacobs stores) They're all slip-ons and I'm not a big fan of slip-ons at all BUTTTTTTT... there's an exception. All the shoes comes in screen printed canvas and I think these two designs are actually pretty cute. Cute enough to make me purchase my first pair of slip-ons.

The Wingtip.


They're the perfect summer time shoes. Dress it up dress it down however and still be on the classy tip.

For the southern Californians, if you're in OC you can find them at Carve/Blends at The Lab in Costa Mesa or Beatnic in Fullerton. If you're in LA then just head straight to the Marc Jacobs store off Melrose.

To check out the rest of the models and for locations check out the Marc Jacobs website.



Queen B said...

They are beautiful, but not enough to make me purchase them as slip ons make my feet look bigger than they already are!!! and couldn't buy them as I reside in LDN!

lollla said...

marc jacobs store on mount st, mayfair? I'm pretty sure they'll get them and there are a few places online if aren't based in the UK, ship to the UK.

DIANNE said...

Girl, I feel you on the whole thing about how it makes your feet look all long and big that's why I never buy slip-ons either but the screen-printed design on them actually gives an illusion and makes it look like normal shoes.

josephine said...

For some reason I can't explain, I have a totally irrational fear of anything with this kind of print on it...you know, like those t-shirts with a tie and waistcoat printed on them. Scary :(

Anonymous said...

the dude at mj off melrose said they dont carry womens sizes.. unless u can rock mens 11.. ha ha