Monday, July 30, 2007


First of all... Here's the thing... Usually I'm not a big Christian Dior fan (except for their perfumes) because I think John Galliano is a crazy bitch! I mean... his ready-to-wear is never ready to wear and should not be worn anywhere if you don't want to look like you just came out of a Circus. But recently I've been looking into their Fine Jewelry line a lot and I'm amazed. There are 10 collections all together in different styles for your various taste! My favorite collections are the Excentriques and Diorette. The two collections carry fine jewelry that's extremely detailed. Definitely takes a lot of skills and craftsmanship. The genius behind this line is Victoire de Castellane.

Her designs are absolutely enchanting and Dianne loves dreamy enchanting things so check it!

Diorette. So damn adorable.

Milly-la-Foret collection. Gwendoline ring. Gold, Onyx and Diamond.

Seeing these fat rocks you just gotta constantly remind yourself to grind harder. These babies cost a ton. I, myself probably wouldn't drop the kind of cash that people do for their jewelry but these pictures I pulled out are for inspirational purposes. At the moment my contant self-reminder is WANT VERSUS NEEDS. It's true...

I'll leave it as that. Goodnights ladies. It's now almost 4 in the morning Los Angeles time. I'm signing out.



Mrs I Hate Tacky Shit said...

Fuckin' tacky shit.

josephine said...

um, i don't think she likes them :(

i love the last one but that shit would get all tangled up in my hair everytime i put my hand up there. the perils of big hair. a bee got caught in my hair lie. it wasn't my favourite experience.

DIANNE said...

Yeah she doesn't but thank god we all have our own opinions.

I feel you on the hair thing tho... for decorative purposes only!